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Windshield Repair and Replacement

A damaged windshield is not only an unsightly blemish on your car but it is also a major safety hazard. Many minor types of windshield damages can easily be fixed by a trained expert but others would require a car windshield replacement. If your car windshield incurs damage, notwithstanding big or small, you should immediately get your windshield checked by a professional so that they can inform you of the best way to restore your windshield’s condition.

Damages That Warrant a Car Windshield Replacement

When it comes to windshield damage, the important thing to understand is that the damage's location, size, and most importantly its severity determine whether your windshield needs a repair or replacement. Minor chips can be fixed quite easily if they are addressed immediately. However, if they are left unattended, they too can expand further and threaten your windshield’s strength – requiring a replacement.

If the chip damage exceeds 40mm in diameter, a car windshield replacement is required. Chip damage on your windshield that has penetrated both the layers of the windshield glass also warrant a replacement as a simple repair would not be able to compensate for the loss of structural support. A car windshield replacement is also recommended if your windshield is littered with numerous chips as a standard repair will leave you with a structurally weak windshield. Moreover, repairing chip damage is also not an option if the damage is in the line of sight of the driver.

Apart from chips, cracks are another type of common windshield damage. If you find a crack that begins or ends at the edge of the windshield, a replacement is needed. A replacement also becomes a necessity if the polyvinyl butyral layer (special interlayer) of the windshield has been damaged. No matter how small a crack might appear, to get it repaired is not a smart decision as cracks significantly compromise the structural integrity of the glass. Car windshield replacement is the only way to fix cracks.

If your car windshield incurs damage at the same place twice, repairing it is not advisable. Another important bit that you should keep in mind when it comes to windshield damage is that minor chips, at the most two, can only be repaired. Anything beyond that warrants a replacement.

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Dangers of a Damaged Windshield

Driving a car with a damaged windshield can risk your life and the lives of people around you as it makes you highly susceptible to being injured during accidents. A windshield provides structural support to your car, meaning that a damaged windshield can cause the car roof to collapse in a rollover. In the event of a direct collision, a damaged windshield won’t be able to minimise the effect of the impact on the vehicle’s occupants. Your windshield also helps in the proper deployment of airbags but if your windshield is damaged, it will lead to failed airbag deployment. In the face of an accident, if you aren’t wearing seatbelts, a damaged windshield won’t be able to stop you from being ejected out of the car. Simply put, a damaged windshield does more harm than good, which is why you need to take corrective measures immediately.

The Correct Way to Get a Car Windshield Replacement Done

Given how crucial the windshield is to your safety, you must choose to get the replacement done from a reliable and reputable windshield replacement company and not resort to fixing it on your own. Windshield experts have the specialised knowledge required to assess windshield damage accurately and hence, they can recommend the apt way of getting it fixed. If your windshield has cracks or irreparable chips, the experts can perform a replacement in the safest way possible. Inexperienced hands can cause a defective windshield installation which can lead to an array of problems. Experts from a reputable windshield replacement company, on the other hand, will be equipped to handle car windshield replacement with precision.

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