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The Fall or autumn season brings with it nippy evenings. The scenery begins to shift as trees start shedding their leaves and the once scorching sun becomes less harsh. It is the time before the advent of winter. It is a beautiful time as you can step out of the confines of your homes without worrying about the excess heat. Fall evenings are filled with children enjoying among themselves and adults communing with each other. While all of this is great, have you ever wondered what happens to your beloved car windshield, especially if it is chipped or cracked in this weather? Read further to find out the fate of your damaged windshield during the Fall season.

Fall Aggravates Existing Damage

Many people experience cracks and chips on their car windshields. Often these cracks are caused due to atmospheric debris or small rocks on the road. While you may ignore a small chip or a crack on your windshield thinking it to be harmless, it could end up being a huge expense once the Fall season knocks at the door. It is a fact that seasonal changes affect machines and appliances. Car windshields are at the forefront of brunt-bearing as they play a primary role in keeping a driver safe. During the Fall season, there can be sudden temperature dips, occasional rain and dust storms. In such cases, driving around with a previously cracked or chipped car windshield can cause even more damage, thus compromising the safety of the people sitting inside.

Imagine a sunny fall day when your car is parked on the street, the cracked windshield will expand only slightly but this will cause your pre-existent crack(s) to elongate further. Now, if the very next day, the mercury plummets significantly, your already compromised windshield will develop even more cracks than before.

Fall Can Cause Fresh Damage

The sudden change in temperature causes your car windshield to expand or contract. If you are planning to drive your car on a road trip, especially into the mountains, it can cause your car windshield to crack even if it is presently intact. Regardless of this example, your windshield does not bode well with abrupt changes in temperature. Storms and occasional rainfall are also common during this time of the year. Storms during the Fall can cause damage to your windshield in three ways, namely, flying debris, falling trees and the occasional hail. These storms are far more common in the hilly areas. High winds that cause tree branches to fall are not uncommon across cities and towns. If any of the aforementioned substances make contact with your car windshield, it will be severely damaged. This is why you must choose your parking spot more carefully during the Fall. While parking under a tree in the summer season may be a great idea, avoid it during the Fall.

Coming to the problem of flying debris during storms. This debris may seem harmless at first but is capable of causing multiple scratches on your car windshield. If you do get stuck in a dry storm or a thunderstorm, make sure that you immediately find a parking lot or a shed to park under. Scratches caused by flying debris often warrant windshield replacement. Another issue during the Fall season is that of hail. Now, while this may not be a common occurrence, hail storms are witnessed at least once during the autumn season, especially up north. Hailstorms can be nasty and are capable of going beyond cracking or chipping your car windshield. If your car is stuck in a particularly bad hailstorm, there is no respite for you. But, if your windshield is working at full strength, meaning, if it does not have any previous crack or chip then you can count on it to not break in such an adverse situation.

Get a Fix Before or During the Fall

Many drivers find that a negligible chip or crack has exponentially grown into a full-blown crack by the time winter hits. This is because they kept driving their cars for long durations during the Fall season when it also gets dewy. Dew is moisture droplets that seep into the crack(s) of your damaged car windshields making them worse. Moisture seepage during the Fall is impossible to get rid of and this water can freeze during peak winters, causing the chips and cracks o your windshield to expand and worsen. Before you realise it, you have to get your windshield replaced, instead of getting it repaired, which would have saved you a lot of money. Acting in a timely fashion is necessary when it comes to repairing windshields. If a chip has developed on your car windshield during the Fall season, get it repaired immediately.

Final Thoughts

Whether your windshield in car needs repair or replacement, AIS Windshield Experts is here to remove your woes. Get your windshield checked by our experts and get it repaired or replaced (as the case may call for). Our highly-trained experts will use top-of-the-line equipment and international-safety standards to perform their job. We have a presence in 45 plus cities with over 90 service centres and several mobile vans that help us reach you wherever you are. Allow us to take care of all your car windshield needs. Get in touch today!

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