Auto Glass Chip Repair

All You Need to Know about Auto Glass Repairs

January 18, 2020
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Automotive glass is not just an ornamental feature for your vehicle. It is meant to maintain the structural integrity of your car, provide you with unobstructed views of the road, and ensure your safety at all times. Any damage to your car’s windshields, windows or rear screen needs to be repaired within the same day. Let us find out why.

Why Do You Need Immediate Car Glass Repair?

Damage Worsens

When it comes to windshields, a single crack or a chip can worsen as the car gets driven on bumpy roads. Moreover, further impact or even a little rattling can cause a chip to turn into an irreparable crack quickly. Temperature fluctuations, weather conditions like hailstorms and extremely loud music can worsen the damage to windshields.

Decreased Visibility

Visibility is an essential factor while driving. Chips and cracks on the windshields can be in the line of vision of the driver, obstructing the visibility and creating a safety hazard.

Compromised Safety

Cracked auto glass is the most significant hazard to passenger and driver safety. Most glasses incorporated in the car, including the windshield, are parts of the safety restraint system of your vehicle. This means that in case of a rollover accident, they are intended to keep the driver contained within the car’s body. Airbag functioning is also dependent on the structural integrity of the windshield.

Decreased Market Value of the Car

With a cracked window or windshield, selling your car can be challenging. No client would pay for a partially damaged vehicle. If you ever decide to sell your car, you might have to quote a lower price just because of the broken car glass.

For all of the reasons mentioned above, you need to seek immediate auto glass repairs or replacement. Same-day auto glass repairs can prevent you from compromising your safety and prevent further damage to your vehicle. A cracked windshield or rear window, therefore, needs to be attended to immediately.

Features to Seek in an Automotive Glass Repair Company

Auto glass repairs and replacements not handled by experts can prove to be costly over time. Regardless of which car glass repair company you choose, there are some vital qualities you should be on the lookout for –

Repair First

Auto glass repairs usually cost far less than replacement. Many automotive glass repair companies can trick you into replacement without even considering repair first. Any repair service that suggests replacement immediately might be looking to profit unjustly. Before you resort to a replacement, ask your auto glass repair technician to give you a brief explanation of the chip or the crack and the reason it cannot be repaired. Always choose a company that prioritises repairs over replacement.

Quality Products

The quality of products used by your auto glass repair service provider should be excellent. You might be tempted to opt for cheap windshield replacements or a quick glass repair. To make repairs economical, companies often use sealants like silicon instead of polyurethane – a high-quality adhesive. Moreover, low-quality repair services, especially for windshields, will not warrant the recalibration of driver-assistance features by the repair technician. This can cause problems for you when you take your car out for a drive later on.  Always see whether the repair technician uses appropriate repair equipment to fix your car glass.

Insurance Tie-Ups

Getting same day auto glass repair or replacement service does not mean you should spend thousands. Usually, car insurance covers a part of the costs associated with windshield repair or replacement. If your car glass repair technician has tie-ups with your insurance company, claiming your funds would be hassle-free for you. Check the tie-up details of your auto glass repair service provider beforehand.


While performing automotive glass replacements, the use of complicated equipment is widespread. Even though auto glass repair technicians are trained to handle the equipment, accidents are possible. It is, therefore, vital for service providers to observe safety regulations while performing auto glass repairs or replacements. Ensure that your chosen same day repair facility warrants appropriate usage of safety gear along with the observation of recommended protocols. This will also save your car from accidental damage during repair.

Doorstep Services

Some cracks and chips on your windshield and rear screen are tough to mend. In such cases, you might have to opt for replacement. While in-workshop replacement does not take plenty of time, opting for doorstep replacement services can prevent unnecessary hassles for you. Before choosing an auto glass repair facility, enquire whether they offer doorstep replacement services in case of severe damage.

If you are looking for the perfect same-day auto glass repair facility, look no further than AIS Windshield Experts. We offer excellent car glass repair services for all car models. Our usage of cutting-edge technology and adherence to safety protocols ensures that your car remains free of any damage during the repair or replacement process. Our philosophy is always “repair first”, and if the damage cannot be repaired, we also offer doorstep replacement services. Reach out today to avail of our services.


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