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Auto glass, or the windshield, is one of the most important components of your car. Your windshield is not made of just any glass – it is a special type of tempered glass that is created specifically for this purpose. As a result, most garages only source auto glass from well-known glass manufacturers in India, such as AIS.

Now, as the owner of a vehicle, you may not spare a second thought towards the auto glass in your day to day life, except for those moments when you’re cleaning the car. However, if the glass happens to get cracked due to a falling stone or an accident, then it is very important to make sure that you’re getting the best quality auto glass during the windshield replacement.

How is auto glass made?


The process used to create windshield glass or auto glass is slightly similar to the process used to create float glass, with a few key differences. Like any other glass, the windshield utilises a few basic raw materials such as sand, soda ash, cut glass pieces, and limestone. The following process is used to create the auto glass:

  • All the raw materials are mixed in a proper manner to ensure that the composition of the mixture cannot be separated.
  • The batch is added to a large tank which is then fed to a chamber where heat is applied. It is heated until the mixture melts.
  • Next, the batch is added to a different tank that contains molten tin. The glass mixture floats on top of the tin, which is why it is called float glass.
  • As the tank moves towards the end of the chamber, the temperature within the chamber lowers, and the glass hardens. It is then sent to a different chamber.
  • The glass is cut with the help of a diamond ridge.
  • It is then sent to a different chamber for heating where it is tempered to make it stronger.
  • Finally, the glass is then laminated. It is placed between two sheets of plastic and it is this lamination that makes it different from regular float glass that may be used in a window. This lamination step is very important. During an accident, when the windshield breaks or cracks, the pieces of glass are contained within the plastic. This helps the driver avoid injury due to broken glass.

Where can you find top-notch auto glass?

If your windshield has cracked, your first step needs to be to locate the nearest Windshield Experts so that you can get the windshield replacement done by experts. AIS Windshield Experts uses glass manufactured by AIS. The glass manufactured by this company is considered to be a high-quality product by veterans in the field, and if your car is fitted with it, you don’t have to worry about the overall quality of the windshield.

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