Got a Broken Car Back Glass? 3 Reasons You Need to Replace it Immediately


By  AIS Windshield Experts

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Why to Replace Broken Car Back Glass Immediately

If you think chips, scratches, and cracks are limited to your front windshield, think again. A lethal smack on your car’s back glass by an unsuspecting rock that came out of nowhere as you raced down the empty highway is all it takes. Then, till you reach your destination, the minor ding has spread to all of your rear glass.

We have all seen dents on the back glass of people's cars running on the roads and wondered if it's safe driving like that? A car's back window is just as important as the front glass but seldom receives the same attention. Let us take a look at the functions of a car back glass.

Vital Functions Your Car Back Glass Performs

An Uncompromised Rear View

Not only does your car back glass let you see what’s behind your car, but it also ensures that you get a good sight through the rear-view mirror. Side-view mirrors and rear-view mirrors help extensively in reverse parking and determining the traffic behind; this can only happen if you have a damage-free rear windshield. By promptly responding to any damages to the back windshield, we can ensure that our rear-vision is not jeopardised in any way.

Curtails Any Bigger Damages

The rear windshield becomes exposed to more structural harm once damaged, even minutely. And if you are driving with a chipped or cracked back glass unattended for a long time, it holds the danger of caving in once any additional impact hits it. Driving with a broken rear windshield makes you more vulnerable to accidents and injuries.

Helps Protect Car’s Interiors

A damage-free rear windshield shields your car’s interiors from moisture, pollutants, and other flying debris like pebbles. Even small cracks in the car back glass can allow rainwater and snow to seep in; this can lead to mould on car seats, mildew smell, rusting of car shell, and other kinds of spoilage.

Improves the Overall Look of the Car

Car back glass brings more light into the car and adds to the balanced aesthetics of your vehicle. It provides an open feeling for the passengers inside, and can significantly increase the visibility in times of bad weather conditions.

Why Replacing Broken Car Back Glass is a Must

Other than the fact that a damaged rear-windshield looks bad on your car, here are three crucial reasons why you should replace a broken car back glass immediately.

Irreparable Damage

It becomes apparent in some instances that your car back glass needs a replacement and cannot be fixed with a glass repair. If a rock punches a hole through your windshield and the chip is more than 40 mm in diameter, or your car back glass suffers multiple chips, then you know that a replacement is inevitable. If any of the aforementioned scenarios play out for your car's rear windshield, immediately contact an automotive glass repair and replacement company.

Also, keep in mind that all kinds of cracks warrant a total back glass replacement.

Safety Hazard

The structural integrity of a car matters in ensuring passenger safety. The way cars are manufactured nowadays; the rear windshield is integral to the integrity of the vehicle. So, if it’s faulty in any way, then your vehicle suffers. Slight damages to your windshield can weaken the strength of your car back glass and then if you meet with even a minor accident, you will completely risk shattering it, or in some cases, detaching your rear-windshield, which can be fatal for the passengers.

Jeopardises Your Vision

With uncertain weather conditions, dust storms, unexpected traffic jams, and rash drivers, your rear-windshield needs to be in the best shape to avoid accidents. Driving through dust and sand can cause tiny pints, scratches, and cracks to form in your car back glass, making it hard to see and navigate while parking and cutting through traffic. In extreme sweltering heat, the small damages can spread quickly, leaving you struggling to look between the lines for a clear line of vision.

The rear and side windows of your car are not made of laminated glass, but mostly tempered glass is used in them. Tempered glass is already almost five to six times stronger than standard annealed glass. So, upon hard impact on the rear window, the damage is almost too hard to repair, and the repairing techniques can compromise the durability of the glass. Rear windshields also usually have or connect to a defrost grid which helps in removing snow during wintry mornings; once damaged, they can't function properly. Hence, car back glass replacement along with proper car cleanup is the best viable option for you.

So if you have a broken car back glass and you’re seeking professional advice, get in touch with the experts – AIS Windshield Experts! With years of faithful service, we have become the most extensive auto glass repair and replacement network in India. Drive into an AIS Windshield Experts store today or get contactless assistance on our WebApp. We offer a quick turn-around time and unparalleled service when it comes to fixing your windshield, front or rear.

To know more, visit our website or call us on 1800 102 6364! So, get in touch with us today!

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