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Guarding Windshield from Rain

June 24, 2016
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The monsoons are the perfect time for a drive with friends and family to a mountain top or a water fall. However, a simple breakdown in the car can ruin the beauty of drive. A constant rainstorm and wet roads can make the drive difficult. It’s a good idea to prepare the car for the monsoons, especially the windshield – not only to prevent it from breaking down, but also to avoid accidents and mishaps that the rains can cause.


The following safety measures should be taken to protect the windshield and wiper blades during monsoon-

  • Wiper blades have a tendency to wear out very fast. The rubber strip becomes useless within a year and it is recommended to change it yearly before the monsoons begin.
  • It should be ensured that the rubber is not hard and does not have cracks as they will scratch the windscreen.
  • Clean the blades with a cloth soaked in a mild detergent. You will see the dirt that is removed from the blades
  • Do check and ensure that the wipers are working properly at all the three speeds.
  • The washer bottle should be filled up and you can add a mild detergent which will help keep the windshield glass clean and oil free.
  • Fogging during this time can hamper the visibility. The best way to get rid of the windshield fog is by directing the flow of the air-conditioner onto the windshield.

If you face a situation where the windshield is damaged while driving in monsoon, contact Windshield Experts. They have fully trained technicians who have access to the best tools and equipment. Their technicians are trained to handle delicate components like rain sensors for all cars so you can have an unobstructed view of the road. For more details call their helpline 1800-102-6364.


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