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The onset of monsoon is a sigh of relief after the unbearable summer. However, this isn’t the same feeling shared by most vehicle owners. Usually, rainy season is seen as a nightmare by most drivers.

Driving in the rain can be fun, but at the same time, it has its own set of challenges. The reason being, water can damage the internal parts of a vehicle. Certainly, the last thing you desire is your car breaking down in the middle of the road and other cars spray your windshield with dirt. So, unless you have fully prepared your car for this season, there are chances your car might have to suffer the wrath of water.

AIS windshield experts

Before the skies get any darker, and it starts pouring non-stop, let’s make sure that your car is ready for rainy long drives.

Here’s a checklist to prepare your car before taking it out in the monsoon rains.

  1. Keep your car covered-Monsoon rains can be quite unpredictable. At times, too much rain can cause damage to the internal parts of the car. So, you can imagine the intensity of damage to the exterior of your car, if it’s not properly covered. Therefore, keep the car covered at all times to save the time of cleaning the windshield glass repeatedly.
  1. Check the wiper blades- Driving during a rainfall or downpour, makes the windshield glass dirty which highly reduces visibility. Also, driving through dense clouds or misty weather increases the chances of accidents. So before you start driving, make sure the wiper blades are working properly. Also carry an extra micro-fibre cloth to clean the windshield.
  1. Check the tyres- Driving during the rainy season is an entirely different experience as compared to any other weather. Due to wet roads and water-filled potholes, driving becomes a challenge during this time of the year. A tread check of the car becomes a necessity for rainy seasons. Treads help to maintain grip and prevent water from accumulating under the tyre. Make sure that the treads of the tyre are at least 4-5 mm deep, anything less than that can be risky. The deeper the tread of the tyre, the safer it is for the car.
  1. Check the car lights – Car lights will always remain one of the most important aspects of a vehicle. These lights come in handy during the day, as it tends to get darker during rainy season. Ensure that all the lights of the car are functioning properly which include the parking lamps, headlamps, tail lamps, brake lights, fog lights, number plate lights and turn indicators. It is advised to get them checked regularly for any kind of problem. Make sure that you clean the car lights before heading out for a drive.
  1. Check the windshield – During monsoons, a tiny crack on the windshield can make life miserable. Water can seep through such tiny cracks and dampen the car interiors. Even the small scratches made by the wiper blades can let rain water inside the car. Therefore, make sure you fix the windshield before starting the car this rainy season.

Windshield Experts is one such professional service provider. Our technicians at Windshield Experts have years of experience in providing glass repair and replacement services.

If your car is not ready for the rainy season, it’s still not too late. Contact Windshield Experts on their toll-free number-1800-102-6364.

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