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How summers can affect the windshield?

April 8, 2016
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Windshield cracks can cause a lot of problems to the driver while driving. Besides, damaged windshields are also a major safety issue. Some drivers keep driving for as long as they can before they payout for windshield repair. During such times, the best choice is to fix it right away.

As the summer begins and the mercury rises, most people are focused on staying cool. They ensure that their cars are provided with specific covers for the coming summers.  However, one of the most neglected pieces of maintenance that should be taken care at this time of year is the state of the windshield.


Due to temperature fluctuations, any small crack on the windshield can create problems for the car owner. Over a period of time, these small cracks quickly become bigger in size. Hence, replacing any windshield becomes more of a burden than fixing the small chips.

Although any smaller crack can enlarge over time, it is also important to remember that plunge in temperature also impacts the glass in different ways. Frequent fluctuations in temperature during the summer can cause the glass to contract and expand that builds up stress and deepen the existing chips. Further, frequent changes in temperature can also cause the glass to become more fragile and lead to the further burden.

Hot weather will obviously impact the glass in general by making it weak, but this will also affect the windshield cracks negatively. The excessive heat of the summer can make these fractures less stable and is likely that a small crack can shatter the whole windshield from simple road vibrations.

At Windshield Experts, we take care of these issues before they become a major concern. This ensures a safe drive throughout the summers. Just give us a call at 1800-102-6364 or Whatsapp us at +919599087715.

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