How to Avoid Windshield Crack from Spreading


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Cracked Windshield - Myths and Facts

Finding that your windshield has a crack can sour your entire day. Just because cracks on a windshield are common does not mean they are welcomed. Far from it. After all, besides spoiling the appearance of your car, a crack in your windshield can be a major safety hazard. Not only does it hold the potential to compromise your car’s structural integrity but even spread rapidly, endangering the lives of those inside the vehicle. Dangers of a Windshield Crack When it comes to windshield cracks, most car owners don’t give it its due attention and they write it off as a minor inconvenience. However, this is a gross misrepresentation of the problem. Windshield cracks can reflect light into your eyes and distract you while driving. If the crack is directly in your line of sight, it can become an obstruction and cause a major hindrance while driving. Cracks in windshield for cars can easily endanger lives of the passengers. Providing a clear view of the road ahead and resisting outside elements such as rain, wind, debris, dirt, etc. are not the only functions that a windshield has. The windshield also acts as a vital safety component of your car. It provides structural integrity to your car. Windshield for cars acts as a supportive beam and provides strength to your car’s roof. A cracked windshield can leave the roof of your car quite weak, increasing the chances of it collapsing on you in a rollover accident. In the event of a head-on collision, the windshield is meant to minimise the effect of the impact on you and your fellow passengers but a cracked windshield won’t be able to do so. Your windshield assists in the proper deployment of airbags but if it is cracked, it will lead to failed airbag deployment. In the event of an accident, if you are not wearing seatbelts then a cracked windshield won’t be able to stop you from being thrown out of the car. Ways to Avoid Windshield Crack from Spreading The crack at the impact location might look harmless but it can easily spread. Here are some steps to deal with a windshield crack before it spreads - Protect Your Windshield from Weather Elements Before you take the car to get its cracked windshield fixed, make sure to keep it protected from sudden changes in temperature, exposure to sun and harsh wind. Glass contracts in cold weather and expands when it’s hot, which is why if you expose your windshield crack to harsh weather conditions, the crack may spread quickly. To stop this from happening, the best thing to do is to park your car inside - in a garage or under a protective covering. You should remember that this is not a permanent solution, hence, you need to get your windshield crack fixed by an expert immediately. Evaluate Windshield Crack Not all windshield damage can be fixed by a simple repair, which is why it is important to evaluate the damaged windshield. The damage’s size, location, and severity determine whether it can be repaired or not. Minor chips, at the most two, that are 40mm or less in diameter can only be repaired, whereas, all other damage require a windshield replacement. If your windshield is littered with chips or cracks, a simple repair won’t be feasible as the structural loss is too much and can easily jeopardise your life. This is why a windshield crack warrants a replacement, as to repair windshield crack is not an option. To know more about windshield repairs, please visit this URL - https://www.windshieldexperts.com/products-services/car-glass-repair. Windshield cracks can make the windshield weak and compromise the structural integrity of the car, therefore, you must opt for a replacement from a reliable and reputable windshield service provider at the earliest. Seek Professional Solutions DIY solutions, easy hacks, etc. may seem like a great idea but they often do more harm than good. This is why, instead of resorting to DIY solutions, always seek professional help. A trained and experienced windshield expert has the specialised knowledge that is required to deal with your windshield crack. A certified professional will have the expertise, tools, and materials required to undertake windshield repair and replacement. Looking for experts who can help you out with your damaged windshield? Look no further than AIS Windshield Experts! As the leading automotive glass repair and replacement network in India, our team of trained professionals is qualified to take up any automotive glass-related challenge. We offer both in-store and doorstep windshield repair and replacement services via a strong presence in over 50+ cities through 90+ service centres and several mobile vans. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today!

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