How to Clean Windshield for its Longer Life and Clear Visibility?

January 4, 2021
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Most people often forget to care for their precious car’s windshield during routine maintenance. Remember, your car glass is just as critical a component as any other, and it accumulates a substantial amount of dirt.

And, grease, grime, dust, quashed bugs are all responsible for reduced visibility on your windshield. But, now you can ensure impeccable maintenance of car glass for enhanced visibility by following the steps listed below.

Top Tips to Clean Your Windshield

Before we delve into the exact tricks behind caring for this automotive component, you must know that cleaning your windshield at least once a week is critical, even if it does not look too dirty to ensure a longer lifespan of the wipers. Invisible dust starts to accumulate around the edges and grooves of your car’s wipers and can eventually damage them.

Now, let’s move on to the right way of cleaning your car’s windshield:

Step 1 Get Your Tools Ready

Make sure you have the following items before you start cleaning your car glass shield.

  • Water source
  • Microfiber cloth (lint-free)
  • Store-bought glass cleaner (make sure the one you get is ammonia-free)
  • Spray-nozzle bottle

If you live near the sea, you will find salt deposits on your windshield from time to time. Usually, a strong glass cleaner can remove these deposits, but sometimes you may need rubbing alcohol and vinegar to get rid of sedimentation.

Step 2 – Mix the Solution

Take a spray bottle and fill it half with alcohol and the other half with water. Top the solution with a capful of vinegar, and voila, your home-made solution is ready.

Alternatively, you can also use the store-bought cleaner. Remember, it is better to use either the home-made solution or the store-bought cleaner. You don’t need to use both in one go when cleaning your car glass. Overuse of solution can damage your windscreen’s surface.

Step 3 – Start Cleaning

Take the dry non-abrasive piece of cloth and dust off any debris or particles on the windshield. After this, spray the windscreen with either the home-made solution or the glass cleaner. Start spraying from either the left or the right side of the windshield, and work your way towards the centre.

Generally, five or six squirts of the alcohol-vinegar solution or your glass cleaner are enough to cover the entire windshield. If it’s bigger, you can keep spraying until you coat the car glass with enough solution.

Pro Tip: We advise you to dilute your store-bought cleaning solution with water. If your solution is very strong, follow this measurement—mix 30 ml of solution in 3 litres of water.

Once your windshield has received generous helpings of the cleaner, it’s time to start wiping the right way. Yes, there is a correct way to do it! Begin by wiping the windshield vertically and then move on to the horizontal motion.

Many car owners think that cleaning the windshield in circular motion works best. Don’t make that mistake! Always wipe your windshield in straight lines and not circular motion. If your windscreen is too dirty, the circular motion can cause scratches on the surface.

Once you are done with the wiping, take a soft dry cloth and start buffing your windshield. Here, you will need to move your hand in a circular motion.

Step 4 – Clean the Inside of Your Windshield

Of course, you will clean the interior surface just as well as the exterior of the windshield. Start by spreading a few dry towels on the dashboard. Doing this ensures that any liquid that falls does not drench the vinyl.

Start spraying from one corner of the windshield and work your way to the centre and the other corner. Since the interior windshield does not get as dirty as the outer surface, you can also spray the cleaner on your wiping towel and gently scrub the windshield.

Once you are done wiping the interior surface in straight lines, buff it up with another dry cloth in a circular motion.

Step 5 – Seek Professional Help

If your windshield is filthy and has started to develop scratches, do not clean it at home! Take it to a professional car care provider and let them work on it. The professionals there will ensure spotless cleaning and will also provide valuable maintenance tips.

If your windshield is not just dirty, but also severely scratched, an expert can advise and administer a replacement. Keep in mind that car glass is a tricky thing to care for, which is why professional care from time to time is a must.

The Bottom Line

Have you run into trouble with your car’s windshield? Don’t fret! AIS Windshield Experts have got your covered! We are India’s largest car care network with over 80 service centres across 40+ cities. Our squad of professionally trained experts are fully equipped to take care of all your windscreen woes.

Whether you want a windshield inspection, repair or replacement, reach out to us today!

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