How to Find Online Windshield Replacement Service?


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Yes, we are still reeling from the effects of the pandemic! But, as they say, life must go on. So, whether it is going out to shop for essentials, or visiting a service centre for automotive repairs, we must ensure minimal contact and rely heavily on booking things online.

Talking more about caring for your vehicle amid these challenging times, make sure to choose the right service provider. Scouting for say a battery or windshield repair expert online may not always give the most reliable results, especially, if you are looking for online windshield booking services.

To help you sort through the confusion, here are a few tips to ensure the car care provider you have shortlisted online is worth your time.

Tip 1 – Read Reviews and Testimonials

After searching the internet, if you come across a few online windshield replacement or repair providers near your home, make sure to read their service reviews online. Often previous customers leave honest testimonials on various website. Once you are satisfied with what past car-owners have said about a particular place, give them a call.

Tip 2 – Test Responsiveness and General Attitude

Sure, you have found an online windshield replacement place with decent reviews, but that alone does not guarantee excellent service. Those reviews could have been paid for by the owner running the show. Therefore, before booking an appointment with them, call the service centre and ask them the following questions:

How many technicians usually work on replacing one windshield? The answer should be at least two. Replacing an automotive windscreen is always a two-person job.

What kind of drive-away time do you guarantee? If the service provider allows you to drive your car right-after replacing the windshield, ditch them. Your vehicle needs at least 3 to 4 hours rest after affixing the new windshield.

Do you offer any part warranty and workmanship guarantee? A quality windshield replacement expert will offer both.

Do you install OEM specified parts? The answer should be a resounding, yes! If they don’t seem too confident answering, lose them.

Do you offer door-step services? Your car’s windshield can break at any location. Sometimes, it may not be feasible for you to drive to a repair centre. Hence, choose a replacement provider that has no qualms about showing up at your location of choice and replacing your windshield.

Once you are satisfied with the answer to all three questions, ask them about pricing.

Lastly, also note the amount of time they took to answer your call and their patience levels while answering all your queries.

Tip 3 – Check Out their Website

If an automotive care expert claims to run an organized online windshield repair service, they must have a user-friendly website, with a proper form that customers can fill to book their appointment. This web portal must also have a way to make smooth online payments, given that exchange of currency notes is not exactly safe during these times.

Stay away from a windshield repair or replacement provider with a shoddy website who claim to let you book an appointment and pay online. You don’t want to run into a spam network and lose money in making payments on such portals.

How to Book an Appointment for Online Windshield Replacement?

Different service providers will have different portals, but the basic process for online windshield replacement booking works something like this:

Step 1 – Log on to the expert’s website - click to open a form and fill out your contact details.

Step 2 – Choose the type of service you want. Several car care experts also provide battery check and replacement and other vehicle detailing services as well. So, choose windshield services from the list.

Step 3 – Upload pictures of damaged glass parts. Not all experts ask for this.

Step 4 – Upload documents including your Registration Certificate (RC). You might also need to fill out your car’s make, model and year. Doing this allows the expert to inform you beforehand whether they keep a particular type of windshield or not.

Step 5 – Make the payment and choose a service centre located nearest to your location.

Step 6 – Fill out the appointment date out of the available slots.

As you can see, booking an online windshield replacement service is a hassle-free process.

Over to You

Are you looking for a renowned car windshield replacement and repair expert? If yes, then your search ends at AIS Windshield Experts – India’s largest car care service provider. We offer windshield repair and replacement services across 50+ cities in India through our fully-equipped 90+ service centres.

You can also book our services online through AIS Windshield Experts – Quick Assistance WebApp. If you ever get stuck at a random location with a damaged windshield, give us a call, and one of our mobile vans with a small team of technicians will be there to help you out.

To know more, log on to our website today!

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