How to Cover a Broken Car Window for a Temporary Fix


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Broken Car Glass Repair

Getting stuck with a broken car window is a total pain. Apart from letting in the weather, it makes your car unsafe for driving and parking. Even worse, leaving it uncovered can cause water damage and mould or make it easier for thieves to break in and grab stuff. This is why you need to get that window replaced.

While you save up to get it fixed properly, covering the broken window yourself is a temporary fix. The section below discusses how to cover a broken car window for a temporary fix.

Reasons You Should Cover Your Broken Car Window

Here are some reasons to cover a broken car glass temporarily:

  1. Rain can drench your seats without a cover, snow can pile up on the floor mats, and wind can blow dirt and leaves throughout the interior. You can also search for door glass crack repair near me in case you wish to replace the car glass.
  2. Avert potential theft. A broken window makes it very tempting and easy for thieves to break in and steal belongings, or even the car itself if it can be hotwired. Covering the damage keeps prying eyes out.
  3. Provides privacy. You likely don't want people peeking into your car's interior as they walk by in a parking lot or driveway. A temporary cover maintains your privacy.
  4. Let’s you drive safely. Driving with an uncovered broken window can be hazardous because of objects flying in and decreased visibility. Covering it allows you to drive carefully while minimising risk.
  5. Maintains temperature control. An uncovered window results in air, heat or AC escaping, making it challenging to regulate the interior temperature. A cover contains the airflow.

How to Apply the Temporary Car Window Cover

  • 1. Measure the window opening carefully so your covering material fits snugly
  • 2. Cut the cardboard, plastic sheeting, etc., precisely to the size of the window
  • 3. Use strong packing tape or duct tape to adhere the cover fully around the edges
  • 4. Press firmly when taping to create a tight seal around the entire frame
  • 5. Check for any gaps and seal with additional tape as needed
  • 6. Drive slowly and cautiously until the window can be repaired

Why You Need to Permanently Fix the Window Quickly

  • Temporary covers are intended only as short-term, budget-friendly fixes
  • Cardboard, plastic sheeting and tape won't hold up long-term against weather and wear
  • Adhesive can fail over time, allowing covers to come loose
  • Materials may tear or rip, causing the barrier to fail
  • For safety and security, the window needs a professional permanent replacement
  • Auto glass repair will provide a lasting, durable, weather-tight fix
  • Get the window properly repaired as soon as realistically possible
  • Avoid bigger problems down the road when makeshift patches eventually fail
  • Driving around without a car window can pose many threats to you and your family's safety and getting it replaced at the earliest is in the best of your interest.

The Bottom Line

With basic materials and some DIY skills, you can create a barrier to protect your car's interior for a little while. Measure carefully, tape securely, and seal the edges to keep out the elements. Drive cautiously until the glass can be replaced and try to do it as soon as possible. A professional window repair service like AIS Windshield Expert is the best solution to choose for your broken car glass repair.

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