Should I Use Insurance to Replace My Windshield?


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Windshield Insurance

Dealing with a damaged windshield can be exhausting. Nothing ruins your day faster than walking out to find a crack splintering across your glass. And then comes the time to decide - do you make an insurance claim to replace it? There's no definitive right or wrong answer, but here's some helpful information to guide you on how to use car insurance, the pros, cons, and alternatives when facing the dreaded busted windshield.

What Damage is Covered?

All types of chips and cracks are  usually covered to be claimed under insurance.. Anything that compromises the safety or visibility of your windshield can be fixed under your carinsurance policy.

Does My Policy Include Windshield Coverage?

The next step is checking your specific auto insurance policy documents to confirm windshield insurance coverage. Comprehensive coverage is required to cover glass damage. Collision coverage won't help you with windshield claims. Your policy’s declarations page outlines which coverage types you have.

Look for “Comprehensive” or “Other than Collision.” If you have comprehensive coverage, windshield repair and replacement are included without adding separate glass coverage. Confirm before filing a claim to avoid unexpected costs.

How Will a Claim Affect Your Policy? 

Aside from the deductible, windshield claims can impact your policy in a few ways:

Frequent claims look risky - Multiple glass claims within a short period may make your insurance company worried that you're high risk or live in an area with lots of road debris. Too many claims can lead to non-renewal. Insurers look at your total claims with any company, not just how many you file within one policy term. Too many over your history will increase your rates and make you less likely to get the best premiums.

Say goodbye to claim-free discounts. If you have a no-claims discount on your policy, filing a glass claim usually means losing that discount. And that means higher premiums.

How Much is My Deductible?

Deductibles are where windshield coverage can get confusing. Some policies have a standard deductible that applies even for glass claims. But others have a separate windshield or glass deductible/voluntary excess. Double check your deductible for glass coverage to know your out-of-pocket responsibility when you file.

Your insurance company should walk you through deductible details, but it’s good to know beforehand so the amount they cover makes sense. A lower glass deductible means bigger insurance savings.

Filing Your Windshield Replacement Claim

Call your insurance company's claims department and explain that you must file a windshield replacement claim. Have info like your policy number and details on the damage.

After you pay your deductible, your insurer will foot the remaining bill directly to the glass shop - you shouldn’t have any additional out-of-pocket expenses. Make sure to get your glass shop's invoice and your claim paperwork for your records.

The Bottom Line

Getting your windshield safely repaired or replaced is a significant relief. Knowing what to expect from your insurance policy makes filing a crack or chip claim much less stressful. A few prepared questions about coverage, deductibles, and recommended repair shops can get your windshield fixed and you back on the road smoothly. In case you’re willing to go for windshield replacement, rely on AIS Windshield Experts for premium quality products and excellent services.

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