Important Functions Your Car Windshield Performs


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Important facts about car windshield

As a car owner, you already know that your windshield is one of your vehicle's primary safety features that ensures no damage to health in the unfortunate event of a crash. However, all of us are not aware, how exactly it provides protection from unwanted elements.

Here are a few functions your car windshield performs to keep you safe.

Crash Protection

The most critical function windshields for cars perform includes that of keeping you inside the vehicle in the event of an accident. Without a properly installed windshield, you are likely to go flying out the car if and when disaster strikes. The car’s fifth window – the windscreen, is usually far more robust than the rest of its windows, which is why it doesn’t break easily during impact. However, even the toughest quality windshield can crack or cave-in if you don’t get it installed by a true-blue windshield expert.

Resistant to Shattering

Another rather critical function that windshields for cars perform is that they never break into jagged, sharp shards of glass. Firstly, it hardly breaks, and even if the impact is a tad much to handle, the windshield develops multiple cracks and stays intact within its frame. Saying this does not mean that this structure does not succumb to heavy impact; it does! But even if it were so, chances of getting injured are close to zero, thanks to the windshield glass’ nature.

Keeps Roof Steady

Car roll-over accidents are unfortunate but not uncommon, and when such adversity strikes, it is your windshield that keeps the car’s roof from caving in. If your windshield is poorly installed or of lousy-quality, chances are that it will break during such a high-stake accident, allowing the roof of your vehicle to slam into the people sitting inside.

Aids Airbag Deployment

Little did you know that windshields for cars are instrumental in airbag deployment. How? If your automotive windshield is sloppily installed, it is likely to detach itself during an accident. Now an airbag deploys itself in a controlled area to offer maximum protection to passengers only because a windshield stops it from inflating haphazardly. If the windscreen detaches during an accident, the airbags will deploy improperly, and you are likely to become vulnerable to otherwise preventable injuries or even fatalities.

Protects from Debris

When your vehicle is cruising on the street, it is not only tearing through air molecules but also a substantial amount of dust, debris, bugs, leaves, rain, and other unwanted environmental factors. But, behind a windshield, all of this does not matter. If you have a well-installed, right-quality windshield, then it won’t even develop scratches due to prolonged exposure to said external elements.

How to Care for Your Windshield?

The good news is that modern windshields for cars are significantly resilient and do not require much maintenance once installed. However, the real effort goes into selecting an expert who can do the job of placing the right type of windshield in the best way possible. Here are a few tips for finding an expert windshield service provider.

Go Online to Check Reviews

In case you do not have anybody in your network of knowns that have recently gotten their windshield replaced or repaired, scour the web for answers. It is also advisable that once you get the name of an expert by tapping into your network, you should still read reviews for a specific service provider online. Also, check out the kind of experience they have dealing with windshields for cars from different manufacturers.

Check Warranty Structure

Branded and genuine windshields for cars come with a proper warranty; however, that is not enough. Half the advantage of a windscreen is lost if it is sloppily installed. Therefore, look for a glass expert that provides a substantial warranty on workmanship. A company offering you a workmanship warranty shows they have enough confidence in their capabilities.

The Bottom Line

Remember that your automotive windshield is part of the SRS or Safety Restraint System of your car. Therefore, ensuring you get a genuine one installed by an expert is critical. Are you looking for such a windshield repair or replacement expert? If yes, then choose AIS Windshield Experts – India’s leading car-care company. We pride ourselves on a network of 90+ service centres across 50+ cities in India. Our team of professionally-trained experts is eager to help you at every step of the way.

Don’t have the time to wheel in your vehicle to one of our centres? No problem! We offer a variety of our services at your location of choice, along with a one-year written warranty on workmanship and materials used.

To know more, visit our website or call us on 1800 102 6364 today!

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