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Choose right car glass dealer near me

The windshield of your car is one of its most instrumental safety features. Not only do you count on it to keep you safe in the event of a crash, but it also barricades you from bad weather, dust, debris, and other unwanted environmental elements. A solid, high-quality windscreen is essential when it comes to enhanced clarity while driving. A poor-quality windshield or a sloppily-installed windscreen may cause distortion and cloudiness within your line-of-sight, making it hard to gauge roadblocks and distance from other objects.

Therefore, it is essential to find the right auto glass expert offering their services at affordable car glass price around you. But how does one begin their search? Listed below are a few tips that can help you find the right car glass dealer near you.

Tip #1 Call Shortlisted Dealers to Gauge Interest

The prominent place to begin your search would be to tap into your word-of-mouth network, i.e. ask your family, friends, colleagues, etc. who have recently had some auto glass work done. Scour the web for checking out reviews before you start making a shortlist. Begin by choosing potentials nearest to your home’s location, and then increase your circle of reach.

After shortlisting a couple of names, give them a call to gauge their response time. If they seem to engage and answer your questions thoroughly without keeping you on hold for long, take your car for repairs there. You can also go for a site inspection and check out their facilities.

Tip #2 Ask About the Nature of Warranty

Installing auto glass is a rather technical task, one that requires specialised training. Technicians cannot merely learn the nitty-gritty of this task only on the job. Therefore, before choosing the right glass dealer, quiz them about the nature of training their workforce has gone through. Also, ask for how long have they been running their company and inquire what the hands-on experience of their technicians is on average.

Now when you ask such questions, no auto glass expert will answer in a way that paints a candid picture of their offerings. Therefore, one way to find out if the expert is willing to back their claim is through the kind of workmanship warranty they provide. Since installing auto glass requires expert intervention, ask the service provider about the duration of the warranty they offer on their workmanship. This shows that the company takes pride and is confident in their work. If your service provider denies providing any warranty on workmanship, find another one.

Tip #3 Ask if They Provide Off-site Assistance

It is critical to find a glass company that can accommodate your busy schedule and not the other way around. Even though replacing your windscreen is an essential thing, your other vital responsibilities cannot be put on the back-burner because of this task.

You will not always be able to take your car to a windshield repair service centre. Sometimes, it may happen that your vehicle will meet with an accident and the windshield will detach itself, rendering the car impossible to drive. Alternatively, you may lead a super busy life and driving to a service centre to spend at least a couple of hours in pursuit of a windshield repair may be impossible. This is when a mobile car glass replacement or repair service can help you out.

An off-site windshield care service costs the same as its on-site version. Therefore, make sure to quiz your potential expert not only on their car glass prices but also on their service charges for both in-shop and doorstep facility.

Tip #4 Ask How Many Technicians Install the Windshield

Know this that installing automotive glass is a two-person job. Furthermore, it is also a job that must be completed right away, and most definitely in the first try. If you want to know how seriously the service provider takes their work, ask how many technicians work on one vehicle.

You can also inquire about the number of technicians that will come to your location of choice, should you opt for an off-site repair or replacement. Bear in mind that installing a windshield is a job with no room for mistakes. The automotive glass that is improperly-installed will not only compromise your safety but will also let moisture and air enter your vehicle.

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for expert automotive glass manufacturers and installers, then don’t look further than AIS Windshield Experts! We are India’s most significant car-care network with 90+ service centres across 50+ cities. Our squad of experts is company-trained and have been at this job for years. We also offer our services at your location of preference and offer a one-year written warranty, both on workmanship and materials used for the task.

Give us a chance to take care of all your auto glass-related woes. To know more, visit our website or call us on 1800 102 6364! Get in touch with us today!

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