Ways to Claim Car Window Damage Through Your Insurance


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It is not uncommon to get your automotive windshield dinged or cracked. But, wait till you jump over another bumper on the street or have a rock fly into your windshield, making a hairline crack aggravate into multiple cracks. Even though modern windshields are resilient and do not crack easily upon impact, if they do, you need to wheel your vehicle into an auto glass shop as soon as possible.

Car glass replacement, especially in luxury sedans or SUVs may end up burning a hole in your pocket, but not if you have the right type of insurance. Remember, not all insurance policies cover automotive glass repairs or replacement.

Which Insurance Policy Type Covers Car Window Damage?

All types of automotive window damages are covered if you have a comprehensive insurance policy. What is comprehensive insurance? A car owner can buy a standard motor policy that covers a myriad of things but not auto glass damage. This primary type is mandatory in India. However, a comprehensive insurance policy offers an optional coverage usually purchased over and above collision insurance.

In a nutshell, a comprehensive motor policy protects your vehicle from damages that are not caused by other cars and also from “acts of god.” Listed below are a few common examples of what a comprehensive car insurance policy can reimburse you for.

  • Windshield or window damage due to a tree branch falling on it
  • Any sporting equipment, like a golf club or cricket bat crashing into your windshield
  • Pebble or rock flying into the windscreen
  • Acts of vandalism
  • Animal hitting your car or its windows causing glass-related damage, etc.

Remember that a comprehensive insurance policy provides a wholesome cover to your car, of which glass parts are a component. Before opting for said insurance, make sure to go through the policy wording in detail and also specifically ask the insurer about the nature of automotive glass coverage. For instance, it may so happen that your comprehensive policy may only cover side windows and not the windshield.

How to File a Window Damage Repair Claim? 

Car glass replacement or repair may be a costly affair depending on the model of your vehicle. If you own a hatchback with a cracked windshield, it may be ideal to refrain from claiming insurance money for such a minor job. Remember that you lose your No Claim Bonus or NCB the minute you make a claim. However, if you own a mid or luxury segment vehicle and need a car glass replacement, it is likely to cost you big bucks for which you must not hesitate to file a claim.

Here are the next steps to take after you notice the damage on your windshield or windows.

Step 1 - Inform the insurer about the damage and file a claim for repair or replacement. You can send a hardcopy or file the claim application online.

Step 2 - If the windshield was damaged due to vandalism, call the police, file and obtain the copy of FIR, and then submit the claim with your insurer.

Step 3 - If your comprehensive policy has the cashless clause, make sure to take your vehicle to a service centre that already has a tie-up with your insurer to avail of a cashless facility.

Step 4 - You will find that the experts present at the chosen garage will inspect the damage and will also advise whether you need a repair or a car glass replacement.

Step 5 - Be it a repair or replacement; if the events that led to the damage are covered under your comprehensive policy, the insurer will bear the costs.

Step 6 - Just in case you don’t wish to get your car fixed by one of the tie-up garages, you can choose a different service provider. Doing this also entitles you to stake a claim against your insurance policy. What you may lose here is the cashless feature stipulated in your policy document.

The Bottom Line

There you have it - the best way of claiming car window damage through a comprehensive motor insurance policy. However, make sure to select an expert repair or car glass replacement shop that has been in the business for a while. If you choose a rookie, you may recover the cost with the help of insurance money, but are likely to end up with a sloppily installed car windshield or windows.

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