In-shop or Mobile Car Service: Which One is Better?


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In-shop or Mobile Car Service: Which is Better

Nobody considers going for or even talking about windshield repairs until it becomes a necessity. You are driving on the highway, and all of a sudden, a rock hits your front car glass, leading to a tiny chip. Unfortunately, people continue with their lives driving around like that until it spreads to cover your entire windshield. That’s when you finally get around to doing something about it.

However, if you delay repairing your windshield, even with a tiny chip or a minor scratch, you are doing your car a huge disservice. With a damaged windshield, not only your vision is compromised, but the structural integrity of the vehicle is also weakened, and your safety is at risk.

The Two Options for Car-owners

Whether it is a deep crack or multiple chips, if your car glass is damaged, it is best to get it immediately handled by windshield experts. The front and rear windshield of your car are two of its most instrumental safety features. They keep you safe in the event of a crash or collision and shield you from extreme weather conditions, dust, and debris.

You are left with two options in case you want to seek professional help to deal with your auto glass damages; visiting an auto repair shop or calling for a mobile repair service. A lot of people delay repairing or replacing their damaged windshields because visiting an auto repair shop is a problem for their busy schedules. But now that mobile car glass servicing is available almost everywhere, the majority is opting for it; however, it is not ideal in every scenario because drive-away options can vary or professionals may need to have a look at your car twice to bring all the equipment.

When it comes to windshield replacement and auto glass repair, car owners mainly have two concerns: the safety of the car and the hassle of getting it fixed. Here are some factors to consider when deciding which car glass replacement option suits you best.

Mobile Car Servicing: Pros and Cons

If your windscreen develops multiple cracks, you will need immediate professional help. But, it can be tough and unsafe to drive a vehicle with highly compromised visibility to the shop. So, in that case, opting for a mobile car glass service provider to come and service your car at your location of convenience is smart and viable. Mobile windscreen repair and replacement services benefit so many lifestyles. This option also comes in handy if you are marooned on the quiet side of the highway with no car repair shops nearby.

The flipside to mobile glass repair and replacement depend on where you are located. People living in extremely hot or cold climates might find that mobile service is not as effective, as the adhesives might not stick well. If the adhesive is compromised, the auto glass repair or replacement may not hold well. Many mobile car glass repair providers can charge an extra fee for this service, and they can take a long time in arriving on the location. While opting for a mobile car glass repair service provider, you also run the risk that technicians won’t have what you need and that can require them to return to the shop and come back again, thereby wasting more time.

In-Shop Auto Glass Service: Pros and Cons

Comprehensive and cheaper in cases, in-shop auto glass service still has a lot of takers despite the abundance of mobile service providers. You have seen your parents take the car to the auto glass repair shop whenever something happened to the windshield back in the day, and visiting an in-shop auto glass service is a familiar and comforting experience for a lot of people.

If the chip in your car is worth driving through, an in-shop car glass service can prove more affordable; since you won’t be paying convenience fee and doorstep delivery charges. An in-shop service will have many technicians in case the professional working on your car glass needs a second opinion on-spot, and there is a fair chance that all the tools and equipment will be at their disposal.

As necessary, the repair and replacement of a damaged windshield are, it can be a luxury to take time off to drive your car to an auto repair shop. You might even have to wait longer in an auto glass shop, depending on how busy the shop is at that time of the day.

Besides an eventful schedule, you may experience the damaged windshield mid-way to work or some far-off remote location. And it can be hard to make sure that you have a car glass repair shop nearby. Driving your car with a safety hazard is one of the most significant dangers of opting for a trip to the car shop since your windshield is already damaged.

Mobile auto glass service can get you up and rolling while you work, or relax with guaranteed quality service while in-shop car services can offer an extensive and familiar experience to you.

Of course, you could choose a service that offers both a repair shop and mobile service, like AIS Windshield Experts. With the most widespread car glass repair and replacement network in India, we also offer doorstep/mobile windshield replacement services via our vast network of mobile vans. Our team of well-trained windshield experts is equipped with the best tools and a reputation for providing 'faster, safer, and better' services anytime and anywhere. So, get in touch with us today!

To know more, visit our website or call us on 1800 102 6364!

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