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Is Fixing The Rear Windshield Important?

May 17, 2019
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Most car owners understand the value of keeping the car front glass in pristine condition. Not only does the front windshield provide the car driver a clear view of the road but also keeps the roof from caving in in case of an accident. It helps in the proper deployment of airbags during an emergency. This means that any chip in the car’s front windshield needs to be repaired immediately and any crack or other damage warrants a windshield replacement by Windshield Experts. A car’s rear windshield is just as important but does not receive the same attention at times. Let us take a look at the functions a rear windshield performs and the reasons it must be fixed promptly.

Rear View – Most cars have a side view mirrors and rear-view mirrors that help in reversing and in gauging the traffic to the rear of the car. The rear-view mirror only provides a clear view if the rear windshield is damage free. By promptly repairing minor damages and replacing the back windshield we can ensure that the car’s safety is not jeopardized.

Minimising Damage – Just like the front windshield, the rear windshield becomes vulnerable when damaged. Professional windshield chip repair shops in Mumbai and other major cities will detect and fix the damage promptly before a chip turns into a crack and ultimately makes replacement necessary. Driving with a damaged rear windshield could lead to an accident.

Upholstery Damage – Minor cracks in the rear windshield allow rainwater to seep in and this could potentially damage the interiors of the car. Formation of mold and mildew, damage to leather seats, and rusting of the car shell are common effects of leaving the rear windshield damage untended for a long time.

Compromised Safety Features – In many luxury cars and SUVs, the back-windshield acts as a safety mechanism. It is specially treated with chemicals. This helps the glass shatter into tiny rounded pebbles instead of breaking into sharp shards in case of impact. This makes it an ideal exit in case the occupants are trapped in the car. A damaged rear windshield may not function as a safety exit.

Apart from promptly repairing the rear windshield, it is important to remember that the rear windshield should be cleaned regularly and should not be tinted. Sticking a sun control film on the rear windshield restricts its safety features and does not allow a clear view. It is important to obstruct the view of the rear windshield with cushions and soft toys.

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