Can Summer Heat Damage Your Car’s Windshield?


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When the temperature rises to dangerous levels, everything suffers, including cars. When you drive too frequently during the hot summer months or park the car in an area with no shade for several days, the most resilient part of the car suffers damage. This is the windshield or window of your car. The glass is created to endure collisions, but during extremely hot summers, it might crack or break. When it happens, it will become difficult for you to repair the car glass.

Let's learn in detail why the summer heat damages the car's windshield and what you can do to prevent it from happening.

Effect of Summer Heat on Windshield

If you're thinking, "How can heat crack a windshield?" Well, it's not just the heat that can do so. The breaking or cracking of the glass happens due to the fluctuation in the levels of temperature inside and outside the car. In other words, when there is a rapid change in temperature, it will surely damage the car's windshield.

When there is a massive difference between the exterior and interior of the car, the pressure starts to build up, which leads to the breaking or cracking of the glass.

A car's windshield is created with two glass pieces. Between the two glass pieces, there is a vinyl layer. This keeps the second layer of the glass from breaking, and only the first layer receives all the damages.

When the windshield gets cracked, the fluctuating temperatures will aggravate the issue. It's mainly because the glass molecules expand when it's hot and contract when it's cold.

It's pretty risky for a person to drive a car with a cracked windshield, as it will greatly obscure the vision, especially at night. You must also monitor the changes in the temperature so that you can keep the car's windshield safe when fluctuations occur.

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How To Prevent Summer Heat From Damaging Your Windshield?

By now, you know how can a windshield crack from the heat. So, let's check out the ways in which you can prevent the cracking from happening.

Park Your Car Under The Shade

This is the most practical way to keep the car's windshield from cracking. Whether you're going to your workplace, the football stadium, a shopping mall, or a restaurant, always park your car under the shade.

When the windshield is chipped, don't park the car under the scorching sun. Doing so will damage the windshield a lot more. During the daytime and hot summers, you should park the car in the basement or garage. Otherwise, just install car parking shades, which will keep your car well-protected.

Avoid The Temperature Changes

The changes in temperature take place when you turn on the air conditioner of the car to a high level, especially when the car is out in the sun. Yes, you should turn on the car's AC, but first, turn on the fan to blow out the hot air inside the car.

Doing so will enable the windshield to adjust to the temperature. You can also cool down the temperature inside the car by rolling down the windows. After that, you can roll back the windows, switch on the air conditioner, and keep your windshield safe.

Wash The Windshield Properly

Maintaining the condition of the windshield is extremely crucial. Windshield maintenance is another effective way to prevent it from getting damaged, especially during the summer. But don't wash the car's windshield under the sun or when the car is extremely hot. Then pouring cold water on a hot windshield will lead to changes in the temperature.

This will ultimately break or crack the glass, and the condition will become much worse if the windshield already has scratches or is chipped. It would be much better if you washed the car during the evening.

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Final Words

Taking care of the car's windshield, especially during the hot summer days, is vital. Make sure not to place the car directly under the scorching sun or wash it with cold water when it's already hot.

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