Windshield – Need to Repair or Replace. How to Decide?


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Windshield Repair or Replaced One fine morning, you get into your car, all ready for work, and you notice a crack on your windshield. Not the best start to your day. Thereafter, the realisation dawns that you’ll have to take time out of your hectic schedule to get this fixed! This is enough to put you in a sour mood. There is good reason to immediately take care of a damaged windshield. Not only is it an unattractive sight, but it’s also an undeniable safety hazard. With windshields maintaining up to 40% of the car’s structural integrity in case of rollovers, a crack warrants an immediate car glass repair service. The first step is assessing the damage to decide if you can just get a windshield repair or if you need a complete windshield replacement. Typically, the coin test can help you roughly estimate the damage. To perform the test, you take a Re coin and place it on the hit mark. If the crack is still visible, you will probably need a replacement and if not, a car glass repair will do the trick. However, this test does not suffice as your windshield may have suffered internal damage as well.  Let’s take a look at how one should go about determining the degree of damage and the best course of action to follow.
  1. Size of the Crack
The size of the crack is the first thing you should look at. A chip or crack smaller than a quarter, and up to 2 inches in length, can be easily repaired. However, the size of the chip has specific limitations on repair depending on the type of crack - bullseye, tar, half-moon and so on. Based on these specifications, a crack upto 2 inches can technically be repaired. If the crack on your windshield doesn’t meet the requirements, you will need to get it replaced. Getting your windshield repaired barely takes under 30 minutes and you can go about your day with ease. A windshield replacement, is also very quick  and you  can drive your car in 2 hours time. The rubber in the adhesive ensures that 2 hours is the sufficient time to cure and bond with the windshield frame.
  1. Depth of the Damage
A windshield is typically a sandwich  glass  with the outer glass, a inner glass, both of which are bonded by a layer of PVB. This sandwich can get damaged by pebbles and stones from gravel roads, heavy construction vehicles, or perhaps when parked under a tree. Upon impact, the top laminated layer gets chipped. A small chip indicates a low impact and can be repaired. A deeper impact can shatter the laminated layer but does not  penetrate through the PVB, which restricts the sharp shards of glass from entering inside the car. The inner most layer also never disintegrates into small, dull-edged pieces to ensure your safety. Depending upon the level at which the object has penetrated your windshield, you can determine whether it needs a repair or replacement.
  1. Location of the Damage
The location of the crack is a crucial factor in determining whether you require a windshield repair or replacement. A crack extending to the outer edge will need a total replacement of your windshield. Once the edge cracks, the glass of the car becomes loose and unstable. A windshield change is recommended If there is a crack in the driver’s line of sight, it is in your best interest to get it replaced. Repairs might cause slight distortion and can compromise the driver’s vision of the road ahead. If you’re going for a replacement, avoid potholes and bad roads for about 24 hours after the fitting.
  1. Amount of Damage
Sometimes, neglecting cracks and chips that you’ve been meaning to repair for some time can aggravate the damage. Before repairing or replacing your windshield, be sure to check how many cracks it has. A windshield with two or fewer chips can usually be repaired. Any more than two makes your glass prone to shattering. Get a total windshield replacement to avoid this occurrence. If your car has been in an accident, it is advisable to get your windshield replaced even if it didn’t crack. The impact can weaken the glass and loosen the supporting frame. This can cause safety issues and set you up for another accident. Visit AIS Windshield Experts, India’s #1 automotive safety glass repair and replacement company. With a motto of ‘Faster, Safer, Better’, we place a relentless emphasis on quality, offering parts as per OE specifications. Get in touch with AIS Windshield Experts for class-leading windshield replacement and windshield repair solutions by trained experts.

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