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Car Windshield Replacement Guide Every day that you drive your car with a cracked windshield, you willingly invite trouble. Reports suggest that a genuine OEM windshield is responsible for about 40% of the car’s structural integrity during rollover accidents. Glass with adhesives is capable of absorbing the impact to keep you and your loved ones away from harm. In the absence of a windshield, the car will just flatten out. Naturally, it’s paramount to attend to your cracked windshield at the earliest for your safety and of those around you. Now that you know the role a windshield for car plays in its safety, you might head over to the nearest car glass repair shop for an easy fix. However, unreliable service centres can end up imposing a huge cost, much of which becomes apparent with time. When looking for a windshield replacement, there are several factors that you must take into consideration. Here is the ultimate car windshield replacement guide that tells you just how to go about the process, questions to ask, and what to look for.
  1. Repair or Replace?
First and foremost, you need to determine whether your windshield for car needs a replacement or can be fixed with a simple repair. Unreliable repair shops may dupe you with a minor repair while charging you for a replacement. To avoid being duped, perform the coin test on your windshield. This test requires you to place a coin on the crack and check if the crack is bigger or smaller than the coin. Small cracks up to 2 inches can be fixed with a repair but crack larger than that will require replacing your windshield. Although this will not always give you an accurate result, it helps you make an educated choice and choose the right car glass repair option.
  1. Cost of Replacement
We’re always looking for the cheaper way out. Whether it’s cost-effective repair shops or a tiny chip in your windshield that you’ve been ignoring, you’re looking for the best deal. While it’s prudent to be wise with your money, never compromise quality at the altar of a good bargain. Do your research and choose a trusted service provider. Upon contacting shops, you will receive several quotes. If you have inquired after the standard rate at different shops, the quote may vary significantly. The reason - the quote is not just for a general crack or chipped windshield but is based on the make and model of your car. Depending upon your car - the quote can differ considerably. Other factors to be taken into consideration are the type of glass used, the year of your car’s make, the wipers and sensors used as well as the extent of the damage. It is a good idea to compare official quotes of 2-3 trusted repair companies to make an informed decision.
  1. Choosing the Windshield
A windshield for car is made of three layers - the outer glass, the inner glass, and a coating of PVB in between to join the two & forming a laminated glass. The quality of these products determines how strong your new windshield will be. It’s a good idea to install a safety glass to protect yourself from harm; when it breaks, it never disintegrates into dull-edged clumps or shards. It never allows any foreign object to pass through . Furthermore, if you want a sturdier frame, using high-quality PU adhesives and factory-approved OEM specifications. If you’re on a budget when choosing a windshield but don’t want to compromise on quality, Windshield Experts would be the best place to be .Here  you get  the best budget to spend without worry, pick an OEM specification glass. It will be a better fit, will last a lot longer, and will not break under pressure.
  1. Checking for Insurance Coverage
No need to get  in touch with your insurance company before replacing your windshield. Alll insurance providers cover 80% of  glass replacement  costs. They may charge a deductible fee. However, the final price is likely to be lower than the proposed quote. This usually happens on account of pre-negotiated discounts based on volume. However, if your repair cost is lower than your deductible fee, you will end up paying the full car windshield price. Have more questions about warranty, time, and costs to replace windshields for cars? At AIS Windshield Experts, India’s #1 car glass repair and replacement network, we believe in safety first. This is why we only use genuine glasses and combine them with speedy and proper installation to offer world-class windshield services. With a year’s warranty, a 2-hour replacement time, and trained technicians, you can be rest assured you will find the best windshield replacement solutions at AIS.

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