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Cars don’t function properly in cold weather. It is important to get everything done on your car in advance helps ensure that an unexpected cold snap or snowstorm won’t leave you stranded.  In extreme situations your safety depends on being properly prepared for winter weather.  There are a list of precautions in extreme or unseasonable cold for proper functioning of the car.

Winter Care Tips For Car

  • Wiper blades: As we all know, visibility is key form of driving, but winter conditions can limit visibility. Streaks on the windshield can obstruct your vision, especially when you’re driving into the winter sunshine. If your blades are unable to wipe the snow, it’s only going to get worse with the freeze. Winter wipers do a better job of swatting away moisture.
  • Fill your fluids: Washer fluids for winters have a greater concentration of alcohol and less water, so less likely to freeze. Therefore, it is important to fill your antifreeze. Check valve in the washer line to keep fluid in the lines. If the valve is broke, then the fluid goes back into the reservoir and it might suck in snow or ice thru the nozzle into the line.
  • Battery power: It’s tough for the battery to start the engine in winters. Professionals recommend changing the battery every 3 years, depending on how much you drive and how you drive. Always make sure that the cables are not loose. When the engine is off, see if the cables can slip free from the nodes. Save yourself from battery loss by tightening the nut it requires you to get out of the car and take off your gloves. Also, it is important to check for corrosion.
  • Tire pressure: For proper handling it important to have the correct tire pressure. Most people are not aware but a temperature change of just 10 degrees can cause a ten percent reduction and constriction, of air in tires. Check the optimal tire pressure of the car on the label inside the driver’s door frame.

Driving in winters has a number of challenges to the car and the passengers. Cold weather limits the mechanical abilities of the car. Abilities of a driver is also tested in treacherous conditions. If one is not careful, you could slide towards a guard rail, wondering if your affairs are in order. The harsh weather of winter can seriously take its toll on your car's exterior. Freezing temperatures, ice, snow, and cold winds can all damage your car, so it pays to take precautions. Therefore, learn to protect your car’s exterior before the winter sets in.



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