Is Your Parking Space Damaging Your Car Windshield?


By  AIS Windshield Experts

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Did you know that parking your vehicle in the wrong spot can literally damage your car? If your parking spot isn’t a safe one, exposure to various detrimental elements can cause harm to your car windshield, doors, windows, back glass, etc.
Especially prone to damage is the windscreen since it fronts the vehicle and is the first in line to suffer damage from debris, stones, errant objects, etc. Hence, a proper parking space is a necessity for the health of your four-wheeler.
Here is how an unsuitable parking space can be bad for your car glass.

Change in Temperature
Varying degrees of temperature can affect your car windshield as glass has the tendency to expand and contract with temperature. As a result, the windshield can start chipping off or developing cracks. Moreover, the temperature changes can further worsen the damage. Hence, it is essential to park your car either in a proper parking space, or a garage where the windscreen is not exposed to fluctuating temperatures.

Parking under a Tree
Parking your vehicle under a tree, especially when it is fruit-bearing season, can cause a lot of harm to the car windshield as the fruits may fall on the windscreen, causing serious damage. Also, it is advisable to move your parking area when autumn arrives because tree branches may fall on the windshield and break it. You can imagine the hefty repair and replacement charges you’d then have to incur.

Impact of the Rainy Season
Heavy rains can leave water spots on the car windshield if the vehicle is parked in an open space. Also, strong winds in combination with heavy precipitation can break tree branches which can then fall on your windscreen.
Besides, due to increasing air pollution, we now commonly experience acidic rains which can leave certain stains or watermarks on the windscreen. Thus, a good alternative would be to park your four-wheeler in a shaded and safe space.

Deteriorating Wiper Blades
If your car is parked under bright sunlight, it could contribute to the deterioration of the wiper blades. The reason behind it is that the rubber in the wipers starts breaking down as it is vulnerable to temperature variations. The heat from the sun, as well as the heating up of the windscreen due to the sun, results in this detrimental effect.
Eventually, this can result in nicks on the car windshield. When the wipers apply uneven pressure on the surface while pushing water away, it can result in chips and cracks which grow over time. So, parking in a covered area is an absolute necessity.

Thieves and burglars can break into a car either by smashing the car windows or back glass or the car windshield. Hence, it is vital to park your four-wheeler in a secure and covered parking area that is safe from theft. If you can, choose a parking space that is manned by either a security guard or a camera.
During your visits to the mall and other areas, always park your car near cameras so if any mishap were to happen, you could act swiftly. You can imagine the trouble you’d have to go through to fix a broken car windshield.

Diminishing Nano-Ceramic Coating
The nano-ceramic coating is a popular product in the automotive market as its molecular bonding ability makes the car windshield a lot more durable. However, prolonged exposure to the sunlight can result in corrosion of this microscopic layer due to harmful ultra-violet radiations. Also, the grime and debris eat away the layer if not removed soon enough.
Furthermore, bird droppings and water spots due to acid rains can damage the layer too. Besides, this reduces the self-cleaning features of the coated surface too. However, parking in a covered area along with regular maintenance can prolong its lifespan.
By now, you must be thorough with the dynamics between a car windshield and a parking area. In case you need to have your car windshield repaired or replaced due to some damage, come to AIS Windshield Experts. We extend the finest windshield services and solutions across Indian cities. Our car windshield installations are carried out by field specialists who follow international safety standards.
If your car has a cracked windshield, you can understand the major safety concern it is. Attend to it at the earliest with AIS Windshield Experts’ doorstep replacement services. Whether you are at home or work, our trained experts come to you with expert auto glass replacement services.
Call our helpline number today and experience the best in windshield service and replacement.

So, hurry up and get in touch with us!

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