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Whether it’s a manual or power-controlled window, your car window offers essential protection from weather conditions, thievery, and other harmful external elements. Apart from that, it helps your visibility and safety when you’re driving. However, not all glasses are made equal. Wondering what goes on behind your side views? Read on!

What Makes Car Windows Different?

A car window is made of a special type of car glass called tempered glass. Unlike a car windshield that laminates three glasses together with an adhesive in-between, tempered glasses include a single glass sheet.

Creating tempered glass involves heating the glass quickly to about 850 degrees Celsius, a process called tempering. Later, the glass is quenched by bringing down the temperature quickly by using cold air jets. What we end up with is an impact-resistant glass that is 4 times stronger than any ordinary glass.

Apart from the side windows, these tempered glasses are also used in headlight coverings. This glass does not shatter but breaks into dull-edged cubes, similar to a powder-like consistency. Also, the glass is easy to clean and maintain with a see-through transparency and clarity.

Now that we know what makes a car window and its importance, it is vital to care for its health to maintain its functionality. How? Let’s see.

Car Window Care: Some Tips

Clean Regularly
Before you grab your sponge to clean the windows, understand the process that goes into it. Start from the car's front-end, the driver’s and front passenger's seats, and proceed to the back. It is better to clean the outside of the window first and then the inside of it.

You can roll down the window a couple of inches and then wipe across the top of your windows. After that, clean all the nooks and crannies of the car window. Then, roll up the window and wipe across the length of the glass. Repeat the procedure for the inside part as well.

Gently Close Your Car Doors
Always close the car door by applying gentle pressure, just enough to lock it. Slamming will not only stress the joints but also vibrates the entire frame. As such, your car’s windows and windshield run risks to cracks or chips.

Also, a sudden jolt can put pressure on the car window, potentially dislocating it. You can always double-check the door after closing it gently if you feel unsure.

Park Your Car in a Safe Spot
Direct heat can warp the thin film on your auto glass. In extreme temperatures, it can change the configuration of your car window and make it inferior. As such, the life span of your auto glass is in jeopardy. Any cracks or chips on your windshield or window will grow to a bigger one under the heat.

Further, if children are playing on the road or if there is construction going on nearby, there is a higher chance for a ball or stone to fall on your window with force. Parking under a tree will put your car windshield at risk. It is always better and safe to park your car in an enclosed area. Also, put on a cover for your vehicle whenever you can to protect your car window.

Choose your Cleaning Agents Wisely
Some harsh chemicals, generally used in most glass cleaning liquids, will eat the paint or tint of your car. Using alcohol or concentrated ammonium-based cleaners are proven to be hazardous through inhalation. Also, choose your fabrics carefully. Use a microfiber cloth or towel to clean and dust your car window. Old rags of cloth or bath towels may cause more harm than good.

Tint It
A choice car owners can consider is to tint their car window. It helps in heat reduction and blocks UV rays passing through the auto glass. This window film also reduces side-glares and protects your car interiors from losing their sheen.

Though tinted windows are illegal in India, Asahi India Glass (AIS) has introduced a dark green UV cut glass in 2019 that complies with the 50% of Visual Light Transmission (VLT) rule for both the front and rear side windows. You can choose such options that guard both you and your vehicle.

Any component of your vehicle should be cared for in its own way. When you treat your car as your companion, it becomes a relationship that lasts for a lifetime. Replace your car windshield worries with AIS Windshield Experts - a part of the Asahi India Glass Limited group. Our customer-friendly policies and trained professionals take care of your car window and windshield. With international-standard safety protocols at your doorstep, you can trust your vehicle in our safe hands. Drive into our nearest car glass shop today!

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