A Simple Repair Job Can Increase the Life of your Car Glass


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Car glass, also called automotive glass, is manufactured for both safety and durability. Sometimes, it may suffer a chip or break because of an impact caused by an external force. In such cases, what do you do?
Until a few years back, it was unheard of to repair auto glass. A chip on the windshield meant you would necessarily have to get it replaced. Naturally, this can be costly. But now, with modern technology, car glass repair is indeed possible, and with great precision.
Here is how a simple repair job can increase the life of your windshield, and save you money and time.

When Is Car Glass Repair Possible?
There are various situations in which car glass repair is the optimum choice. For instance, in cases where only the outer layer of the automotive glass has been tampered with, one can go for a repair. Also, when the chip is not close to the outer margin of auto glass, it can be mended.
Moreover, professionals prefer taking the route of car glass repair when they know that fixing the damage is not going to compromise the safety of the driver by impairing the visibility. In addition, a chip or bullseye can be fixed if they are smaller than an inch and a crack can be repaired if it is shorter than 12 inches. However, automotive experts advise that one should get one’s auto glass repaired to avoid any kind of risk as safety is of prime importance.

Who Can Repair Windshield Glass?
For getting your windshield glass fixed, you can contact any professional car glass repair and replacement centre. These days doorstep services are available too to provide comfort and flexibility to the customers. After analysing the auto glass properly, an expert would recommend whether you should choose to get the windscreen repaired or replaced.
In addition, you should look for the following factors to understand whether a service centre is suitable for you or not. Firstly, they should use advanced tools and technology. Secondly, they should abide by international safety standards. Thirdly, a good amount of industry experience should be a must. This ensures that you receive premium services that have satisfactory results.

What Are the Limitations to Car Glass Repair?
First of all, car glass repair is not feasible in case the poly-vinyl butyral layer gets damaged. In addition, you can’t get your auto glass mended if the damage has occurred in the same place again. It needs to be replaced in those circumstances. Also, chip repair is not possible if it obstructs the line of sight of the driver as it can be a safety hazard.
In addition to the above, the repair is not an alternative if the chip or crack begins or ends at one of the edges or corners because it compromises the structural integrity of the windscreen, and in case of sudden blow or collision, it can prove fatal for the driver and the passengers.
Moreover, if a windshield has two chips, it can be restored. But if the number goes beyond two, it mandates replacement. Besides, it is not recommended to get the automotive glass fixed if the damage has penetrated both the layers of auto glass.

When Should I Get Car Glass Replacement?
You should get your auto glass replaced when the windscreen is broken to such an extent that the driver can’t see clearly through it. Ideally, the total area covered by the moving wiper blades should not have any damage as it acts as an obstacle to the eye. Thus, considering that from a safety standpoint, if you feel that is happening with you, get your windscreen changed.
Furthermore, you can’t go for a car glass repair when the inner layer of auto glass has been broken. In addition to that, an automotive glass should be substituted with a new one when the damage is close to its edges or any of the corners or when it is approaching the nooks or boundaries of the car glass. Also, when the length of the chip is more than three inches or the size of the crack is greater than 14 inches, the car glass should be replaced as soon as possible.

Expert Car Glass Repair and Replacement at AIS Windshield Experts
If you are looking for a reliable service provider for car glass repair or replacement, look no further than AIS Windshield Experts. AIS is one of India’s leading brand in automotive glass repair and replacement facilities. We follow a repair first policy so that there is no unnecessary expenditure on your part.
In addition to the above, we are an all-inclusive brand and offer a plethora of windshield solutions like car glass repair, its replacement, scratch repair, etc. On top of that, we offer a one-year warranty on all our products and services to all the customers. Furthermore, you can visit our website to locate our car glass shop near you.
So, without further delay, reach out to us today and make your car look like a brand new one!

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