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Exide Car Battery
When it comes to car batteries in India, one name stands out above the rest - Exide. As India's largest manufacturer and supplier of automotive batteries, Exide has been powering the nation's vehicles for over six decades. But what makes Exide the preferred choice of leading car manufacturers and automobile owners? Let's find out.

A Battery That's Stood the Test of Time

Exide's history in India dates back to 1959, when it partnered with Union Carbide to form Associated Battery Makers (Eastern) Ltd. This joint venture brought state-of-the-art battery technology to India. Over the years, Exide has updated its manufacturing processes and products to stay ahead of the technology curve. Today, Exide runs five ultra-modern production facilities with a production capacity of over 20 million batteries annually. Such scale and modernised production allow Exide to provide high-quality batteries at competitive prices - a key reason behind its leadership status.

Reasons Why Exide is the Top Battery Manufacturer

Mentioned below are a few reasons why Exide car battery is a top battery manufacturer:
  • Trusted by Leading Automobile Manufacturers 
When you buy a car or two-wheeler from companies like Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai, Tata Motors, Mahindra or Hero, you'll find Exide batteries fitted in most models. That's because OEMs rely on Exide's decades of expertise for hassle-free performance. Exide batteries are designed with Indian conditions and usage patterns in mind. Extensive R&D ensures the batteries deliver optimised power, longer shelf life and durability even in extreme heat, dust and uneven roads. Such trusted OEM partnerships over long periods explain why Exide enjoys close to 55% market share in OE battery supplies.
  • Specialised for Indian Conditions
While Exide utilises the latest global technologies, localisation makes its batteries truly stand out. High ambient temperatures, dusty roads, and varying fuel quality call for batteries designed especially for India. Exide batteries utilise particular hybrid alloy components, high-performance separators and electrolytes to provide consistent power even in extreme conditions regularly encountered by Indian vehicles. Additionally, Exide batteries are available in different capacities and sizes based on the vehicle's requirements, catering to both two-wheelers and heavy commercial vehicles. Such specialised products also explain why Exide is the first choice for after-market replacement purchases.
  • Unparalleled Service Network
Apart from product quality, Exide also stands tall when it comes to after-sales service. With India's largest battery specialist network, Exide ensures that customers find easy access to battery care and support wherever they are located. Quick battery delivery, efficient fitment, and professional maintenance - Exide makes it accessible through 1500+ dealers and 10000+ multi-branded outlets across India. Such reach is unmatched by any other battery brand. No wonder Exide enjoys over 60% after-market share in automotive batteries. Additionally, Exide batteries come with extended warranty periods, adding further credibility and peace of mind for customers.
  • Powering India's Vehicles for Many More Miles
As India charges towards ecological mobility, Exide is gearing up to power electric vehicles with its promising lithium-ion battery solutions. But when it comes to conventional automobiles, Exide remains the undisputed leader, duly earning its stripes as India's most trusted and leading battery specialist.

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for a battery brand that delivers robust performance, abundant availability, and worry-free operation - look no further than Exide to power your vehicle's dependable functioning for many more miles! Moreover, AIS Windshield Experts are the best ones when it comes to auto car battery service or car battery replacement. For premium car battery services, get in touch with AIS Windshield Experts.

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