Is It Legal to Install & Use Fog Lights In Cars In India?


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Fog Lights in Cars: Legal or Not? Know the Rules in India

Fog lights, those extra sets of lamps mounted on the front of cars, have become increasingly popular among vehicle owners in India. They play a vital role in improving visibility during adverse weather conditions. However, the legality of installing and using fog lights in cars in India is a topic that demands a closer look. In this guide, we'll discuss fog lights, covering the regulations, practical aspects, and key considerations for car owners.

Understanding the Legal Framework

The Motor Vehicles Act and the Central Motor Vehicles Rules govern the use of fog lights in India. These laws establish clear guidelines for the installation and use of fog lights. Here is the legal framework:

  • Colour of Fog Lights: According to Indian regulations, car fog lights should emit amber light. While white-light fog lamps are widely preferred, amber is the ideal choice. Abiding by this colour code is essential, as using other colours can lead to legal consequences, including fines.
  • Placement Matters: Fog lights should be mounted below the vehicle's headlight. It is illegal to install them above the headlights. This rule ensures that the fog lights are used to improve visibility in foggy conditions without blinding other drivers on the road.
  • Usage in Adverse Weather: Fog lights should only be used in adverse weather conditions where visibility is significantly reduced, such as during fog, heavy rain, or snow. Using them in normal weather conditions, when not required, is against the law and can lead to fines. It's crucial to exercise discretion when using fog lights and switch them off when conditions improve.
  • Prohibition of Flashing: Flashing fog lights or using them in a manner that could confuse other road users is strictly prohibited. Fog lights should be used as steady beams to improve visibility without startling or distracting other drivers.

Legal Consequences of Violating Fog Light Regulations

You may face legal consequences if you disregard the established regulations regarding fog lights in India. Law enforcement authorities can issue fines or penalties for several infractions:<>/p>

  • Wrong Colour: Using fog lights emitting colours other than amber can result in fines. In such cases, you may be required to have the lights replaced or adjusted to comply with the regulations.
  • Improper Placement: Installing fog lights above the headlight level is illegal. If you are found in violation, you may be asked to reposition or remove the fog lights to align them correctly with the legal requirements.
  • Inappropriate Use: Using fog lights when not required can lead to fines. Law enforcement officers can penalize drivers for misuse, especially in clear weather conditions. It is crucial to use fog lights only when visibility is significantly impaired due to adverse weather conditions.

Practical Tips for Using Fog Lights Responsibly

To ensure that you are using fog lights legally and responsibly in India, consider the following practical tips:

  • Understand Weather Conditions: Use fog lights only when driving in reduced visibility due to fog, heavy rain, or snow. Avoid using them in clear weather. It's essential to discern whether the weather conditions necessitate using fog lights.
  • Check the Colour: Ensure that your fog lights emit white or yellow light, as specified by Indian regulations. Verifying the colour with your vehicle's manufacturer is always advisable to avoid discrepancies.
  • Correct Placement: Verify that your fog lights are installed below the headlight level. Proper placement ensures that the lights effectively improve visibility without hindering other drivers.
  • Avoid Flashing: Use fog lights as steady beams to enhance visibility. Refrain from flashing or using them in a manner that could confuse or startle other drivers on the road.
  • Regular Maintenance: Keep your fog lights in good working condition. Regularly check for malfunctions and ensure that they are correctly aligned. Malfunctioning or misaligned fog lights can pose safety risks and legal issues.
  • Safety Regulations: If your fog lights are consuming more power than your headlights which was an OEM fitment, you will have to check the capacity of your car wiring system and the load the lights are putting on your battery. In case of variation, only an OEM fitment is recommended.
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Fog lights can be a valuable addition to your car, particularly in regions with frequent fog and adverse weather conditions. They serve the critical purpose of enhancing visibility and, therefore, safety. Being aware of the regulations and practicing responsible usage can make a significant difference in ensuring safe and secure road travel during adverse weather conditions.

So, next time you encounter dense fog or heavy rain, you can rely on your fog lights to guide the way, knowing that you are both legal and responsible in their use. In case you’re looking for a headlight glass replacement, choose AIS windshield experts. We offer our top-notch service with easy payment options.

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