OEM vs. Aftermarket Windshields: All You Need To Know


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OEM vs. Aftermarket Windshields

Windshields are an essential part of a vehicle that provides protection to the passengers from wind, rain, and other environmental factors while driving. They are also important for maintaining the structural integrity of the vehicle in case of an accident. When it comes to replacing a damaged windscreen, you have two options: OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) or aftermarket windshields. Let's discuss the differences between the two and the advantages and disadvantages of each.

OEM Windshields

OEM windshields are the ones that are manufactured by the same company that makes the original windshield for the car. These windshields are made to the exact specifications of the vehicle manufacturer, so they are a perfect fit for the car. They are also made with the same high-quality materials as the original ones. The cost of these windscreens is generally higher than aftermarket windshields because of their superior quality and the fact that they are made by the car manufacturer.

Advantages of OEM Windshields

Perfect Fit

They are made to fit the exact specifications of the vehicle manufacturer. It means that they do not require any modifications or alterations

High-Quality Materials

The best part about this windscreen is that it is made with the same high-quality materials as the original windshield. It ensures that they are durable and will last a long time.


OEM windshields come with a warranty from the car manufacturer. It means that if there are any defects or problems with the windshield, the car manufacturer will replace it free of charge.

Disadvantages of OEM Windshields


On the downside, these shields are generally more expensive than aftermarket windshields. It is because of their superior quality and the fact that they are made by the car manufacturer.


OEM windshields may not be readily available at all times. This can be a problem if the car owner needs to replace the windshield quickly.

Aftermarket Windshields

Aftermarket windshields are made by third-party manufacturers that are not affiliated with the car manufacturer. These are made to fit a wide range of vehicles and are generally less expensive than OEM windshields. Aftermarket windscreens are made with different types of glass, such as tempered and laminated glass. They may also be made with different types of materials, such as recycled glass.

Advantages of Aftermarket Windshields


They are generally less expensive as compared to the other products on the market. This can be an advantage for car owners who are on a budget.


The best part about this windscreen replacement is that it is readily available and can be purchased from a variety of sources.


Aftermarket windshields are available in different types of glass and materials. Car owners can choose a windshield that best suits their needs.

Disadvantages of Aftermarket Windshields


These shields may be made with different high-quality materials than OEM windscreens. It can affect their durability and lifespan.


There are modifications and alterations needed because this doesn't come in specifications or vehicle models or makes.


Aftermarket windshields may not come with a warranty from the car manufacturer. If there are any defects or problems with the windshield, the car owner may have to pay for the repairs or replacement.


When it comes to windscreen replacement, car owners have to choose between OEM and aftermarket windshields. When deciding between OEM and aftermarket windshields, car owners should consider their budget, the availability of the windscreen, the quality of the windshield, and the warranty that comes with the windshield. If cost is not a concern, OEM windscreens may be the better option because of their superior quality and perfect fit. However, if cost is a concern, aftermarket windscreens may be the better option because of their lower price and availability.

Ultimately, the choice between OEM and aftermarket windshields comes down to personal preference and individual circumstances. Car owners should research their options and choose the windshield that best fits their needs and budget. It is also essential to have the windshield replaced by a reputable auto glass company to ensure that it is installed correctly and safely.

If you need a windshield replacement or replacement price, trust the experts at AIS Windshield Experts to get the job done right.

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