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All About OEM Windshield

Did you know that there are two types of windshield glass you can choose from when your windshield cracks and has to be replaced: OEM and aftermarket glass. You'll read primarily about the OEM Windshield in this post!

What Is an OEM Windshield?

So, Original Equipment Manufacturer is referred to as OEM. OEM auto glass is made by the same company that supplied the original glass that your car's automaker installed in it. In essence, you ought to receive a windshield that is nearly comparable to the factory auto glass that was already in your car when it rolled off the production line. It also features distinctive automaker branding. Continue reading and learn interesting facts related to OEM windshields.

Advantages Of OEM Windshield

OEM windshields are the best choice if you're looking for a high-quality windshield replacement solution. They have safety glass and UV protection, as well as all the other features you desire in a modern windshield. The fact that they are compatible with your car's original equipment parts gives you a better fit and helps you avoid leaks or other issues in the future.

Reasons Why You Should Choose OEM

Original Equipment Manufacturer windshields are the same as the ones that came with your automobile when you bought it. The shape, size, colour, thickness, and even durability of this auto glass are exactly the same as the "original" windshield that came with your car. It is made in the same manner as the original windshield. These insightful facts will explain why you should always choose OEM Windshields:

  • You Never Compromise With The Quality When Choose OEM
  • The windshield is a core part of the car's safety, thus you must not skimp on its quality. OEM windshields are produced exactly like the windshields that are now on your brand-new car. They can offer comparable safety requirements as a result.

    OEM vehicle glass is made to match the tolerance of the original windshield and has the right thickness. With an OEM windshield, the security and functionality of your car are therefore not jeopardised, unlike after-market windshields. The integrity of your windshield after replacement is not at risk because OEM car glass is of a quality that is comparable to genuine vehicle glass. The replacement car glass will be dependable and satisfactory, providing your vehicle with the highest levels of safety.

  • You Never Suffer From Post Installation Problems With OEM
  • Windshields from aftermarket manufacturers are more likely to have problems after installation. Since most after-market windshields can't match the original windshields' quality or shape, they typically perform poorly. As a result, aftermarket windshields frequently have poor fits, leaks, optical distortion, and occasionally even cracks.

    OEM windshields, in contrast, contain less residual stress, which considerably reduces the likelihood of cracks. Aftermarket auto glass also lacks high-quality acoustics, in contrast to OEM windshields. Traffic and wind noise readily reverberates inside the car. Using OEM auto glass can help you prevent these issues after installation, however a poor-quality windshield repair can frustrate you and cost you extra time and money.

  • You Never Face Functionality Issues With OEM
  • Genuine windshield features are precisely replicated in OEM windshields throughout production. They offer equal functionality since they are equivalent in size, shape, and thickness. There won't be any structural compromises if the OEM vehicle glass is used to replace the windshield. OEM windshields will function in the same manner as the ones that arrived with your automobile.

    While with aftermarket windshields, the lack of uniformity in fit and shape frequently jeopardizes the car's entire functionality. This may cause you to have serious safety concerns. Additionally, an OEM windshield replacement can withstand strain and stress much like the original windshield.

  • You Show The Worth Of Your Car While Choosing OEM
  • OEM auto glass might or might not be produced by the same business that put in your car's original windshield. In either case, an OEM windshield is constructed with incredible accuracy to replicate the actual article. A OEM glass is hence similar in terms of both fit and functioning. Therefore, by replacing your car's windshield with an OEM model, you contribute to keeping your vehicle's value high. The value of your car does not decrease because an OEM windshield is built and engineered to exact standards. The situation with aftermarket windshields is quite different.

Facts About OEM

Most of us know about OEM windshields but here are some interesting facts which will make you feel amazed.

  • It was not a necessity
  • In the early days of automobiles, windshields were an option for the driver. These may be purchased as an add-on and were not a normal part of automobiles. The original windshields were expensive at the time and made of celluloid.

  • It reduces injuries
  • A type of safety glass called tempered glass is utilized in homes, cars, and other constructions. By heating glass to a temperature of more than 400 degrees Celsius and then rapidly cooling it with ice or cold water, the tempering process strengthens the material. This makes the glass stronger while maintaining a smooth, translucent surface. Conventional window panes can hurt someone if they hit them when they fall out of an automobile following an accident, but tempered windshields are less likely to shatter into tiny fragments than regular window panes.

  • It helps in roof support
  • Windshields are a crucial component of automobiles. They protect from the rain, and help in keeping you dry. They also offer roof support for many vehicles with slanted rear windows, though. Without them, this section would flex or perhaps break under the weight of the roof.

  • It is shatter resistance

What keeps the auto car glass from shattering is the laminate barrier. Even in extreme temperature changes, this kind of windshield does not fog up. To keep out moisture, filth, and bacteria, the laminate barrier is a thin film comprising layers of polyvinyl butyral and other resins.

Why Choose AIS Windshield Experts?

AIS Windshield Experts is a licenced business with a network of more than 90 conveniently situated service centers spread across more than 50 locations. It is the leading auto glass repair and replacement business for a variety of brands and car models in India. We always employ genuine, high-quality items. Additionally, we make sure that the windshield repair is finished in less than two hours. So, get in touch with us if you're looking for OEM Windshield.

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