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A windshield glass used along with the right kind of adhesive provides around 60% strength to the car’s roof which makes investing in a good quality windshield glass an absolute no-brainer. After all, safety is a huge concern for car owners but not all windshield glasses are built the same. So if you are in the market looking for a front glass replacement, you will be greeted with two front windshield glass options- OEM and aftermarket glass. While both of them might seem similar but when it comes to front windshield glass there’s more to it than meets the eye. This article will help you understand the basic difference between OEM and aftermarket windshields as well as why you should choose the former over the latter.

What is OEM windshield glass?

OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer windshields are identical to the windshield installed by your vehicle manufacturer. This glass is manufactured using the same process as your original windshield which gives it the exact shape, size, thickness and durability as your original front windshield glass. These windshield glasses may or may not be manufactured by the same brand that installed your car’s original windshield. So read on to know more about the benefits of installing OEM windshields instead of aftermarket windshields for front windshield glass replacement.

Benefits of OEM windshield glass for front glass replacement

There are numerous benefits associated with using OEM windshield glass instead of the aftermarket options available in the market and some of the major benefits are mentioned below:

1. Meets safety standards

Aftermarket windshields might cost less initially but are known to not follow safety standards to cut costs and you can’t put a number on safety. When used with the right kind of adhesive - OEM windshields can provide the same level of safety and structural integrity to the car as the original windshield installed by the manufacturer. These windshields have the same features which means the safety and functionality of the car are not compromised. If installed by an expert, your new windshield glass will be reliable and will go on for a long time without the need to install a new one.

2. Quality installation

Aftermarket windshields are prone to loose fitting, leakage, less visibility, optical distortion and easy cracking. Moreover, they do not provide a proper seal leading to low-quality acoustics. The noise of traffic or wind howling will leak inside easily and similarly, the conversations you are having or music you are playing inside will be heard outside. All these problems are caused due to the fact that aftermarket windshields are unable to match the quality of the windshields provided by OEM. OEM windshields are manufactured according to the standards maintained by the car manufacturer causing low residual stress and significantly decreasing the chance of developing cracks while also providing a proper seal to your car. With OEM windshields you will be saving a ton of time and money by not having to replace them every now and then.

3. Maintains your car value

OEM windshield glass may or may not be manufactured by the same company that manufactured your vehicle. Even though it is manufactured by a different company it offers the same shape, size and functionality as your original windshield which makes differentiating an OEM windshield from the original windshield next to impossible. So when you get your car installed with an OEM windshield, the value of your car will remain the same. But in the case of aftermarket windshields, the same is not true. These windshields provide less safety and functionality thereby taking out a huge chunk of your car’s value. So it’s absolutely crucial to get your damaged windshield replaced by one manufactured by an OEM.

4. No compromise on any feature

OEM windshields are manufactured to match the exact features and functionality of the windshield installed by your car manufacturer. They are identical to your original windshield in shape, size, thickness, tint and performance. If you choose an OEM windshield, you won’t be making any compromises with your car’s safety or structural integrity. In case of an accident, OEM windshields can bear out the stress, pressure and impact much better than any aftermarket windshield ever can. Aftermarket windshields are manufactured keeping costs in mind. Although these windshields might significantly cost less, their manufacturers manage to achieve these low costs by cutting down on some features and functionality that might risk the car’s structural integrity or the safety of the riders. You can eliminate this by going with an OEM windshield for your car.

The windshield is an important part of your car so you need to be mindful of what you equip your car with because making the wrong choice can lead to some hefty repair bills or even worse- might lead to problems with your safety. So make sure you hire experts from reputed manufacturers like AIS Windshield Experts to install the windshield so it can last longer and provide the utmost safety to you and your loved ones.

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