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Maintain cracked windshield

Ever wondered what would have happened if car windshields hadn’t been invented? While being able to feel the wind in your face might seem like an exciting idea for a moment, the realization that the wind would in fact be an obstruction to your vision hits hard soon enough. Not just that, there are many things that your windscreen protects you from when you drive- dust, debris, rain, insects, etc.

Now that we have established how valuable our car’s windshield is, it is obvious that given the number of objects that it collides with, it is going to face wear and tear over time. It is also possible that it is damaged because of an accident or vandalism. No matter what damages your windshield it is absolutely essential that you get it replaced as soon as possible.

When should you get Your Windshield Replaced?

The windshield of your car is not made from ordinary floated glass. A floated glass would break very easily and shatter into large and sharp shards, thus risking serious injury to the driver and the passengers. Instead, the windshield of your car is made of laminated glass.

Laminated glass is made by sandwiching a PVB (polyvinyl butyral) sheet between two sheets of glass, without compromising with its transparency. The reason why laminated glass is used for a windshield is that it is break-resistant and even if it does break, the broken pieces stay within the layers, thus preventing injury.

However, if not dealt with, a damaged windshield can become a safety hazard. While small chips and damages restricted to one layer of glass can usually be repaired, a windshield with all the layers damaged will most probably need a glass replacement.

Moreover, driving with a broken windshield will severely compromise your vision and can lead to an unfortunate accident. So, even though getting your windshield replaced will loosen your wallet, the amount spent will only be a fraction of the expenditure of getting your car repaired or buying a new car after an accident.

 Does Your Insurance Cover a Windshield Replacement

The items covered in insurance varies from insurer to insurer, therefore, you must check your policy particulars before you go ahead with your windshield glass replacement. Broadly, however, a comprehensive policy should cover a windshield glass replacement. On the other hand, a third party policy, which is a legal requirement for all car owners in India, only covers damages suffered by the third party and not your car (which in this case is the first party), including any damage to the windshield.

Even if you have a comprehensive policy, the insurer is not obliged to approve your claim unless the damage is caused by one of the reasons mentioned in the policy terms. Thus, it is wise to check the policy terms carefully.

An insurer would most likely not approve your claim if you are responsible for the damage. It will approve your claim in instances like a tree branch falling or a hailstorm damaging your windshield. Your insurer will also approve your claim if the windshield is damaged because of vandalism, however, you will need to file an FIR first and submit a copy of it along with the other documents to get your claim approved.

It is also possible that your windshield was damaged in an accident where someone else was at fault, in such a case you can file for a claim with the other party’s insurance company even if you own third party insurance.

The Cost of Windshield Glass Replacement with Insurance

It is easy to assume that you won't have to pay for damages if you have comprehensive insurance. However, several factors influence the cost of getting your windshield replaced even if you have insurance.

Firstly, there is a possibility that your insurance company only covers a windshield repair and not a replacement, in which case you will have to pay the full amount. Secondly, if the cause of the damage is not mentioned in the terms then your claim won’t be approved and you would again have to incur the full cost.

Thirdly, if your claim is approved then the cost of glass replacement would depend largely on your deductibles. A deductible is an amount that you pay in case of a claim before your insurer starts paying. So, if your deductible is equal to or more than the cost of the replacement, then filing for a claim might not be useful. If your deductible is less than the cost of replacing a windshield then you just have to pay the deductible and your insurer will pay the remainder of the amount.

How to File for a Claim?

You should file for a claim immediately after it’s damaged. Today, insurance companies allow policyholders to file online, making the whole process more convenient and simple!

Once your claim has been approved you will have to take your car to a cashless garage and get the glass replacement.

AIS Windshield Experts has partnered with all the major insurance companies in India and offers cashless windshield glass replacement services. Don’t put your safety at risk and get your car’s windshield replaced immediately in a hassle-free manner with AIS Windshield Experts!

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