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Cracked Windshield - Myths and Facts

With today's age heading towards a digital dystopia, humans have started losing a very crucial mental ability that is attention. Being distant from our observational skills can be a very “tricky” state to be in. The lack of awareness has been one of the reasons for the genesis of magic. Our absentmindedness is the one factor on which magic relies on. Another thing that has been born out of this absentmindedness is a scam.

Every year, millions of Indians fall for a myriad of schemes, shams, and shenanigans. People have been ripped off in some very creative and unusual ways. Since there are a lot of people to rip off, scammers have been getting a considerable amount of time and resources to practice and improve their "art". There is a constant development in terms of the quality and the implementation of the tricks used by scammers to part you from your hard-earned money or your personal information. The evolution of these scams saw exponential growth when the internet became a necessity rather than a luxury. With scams becoming increasingly sophisticated, there are times when the victim has no idea he or she has been scammed before it’s too late.

With an abundance of the small-time conning present in our society, one scam to add to the list is the windshield repair scam. This article will familiarize you with the ins and outs of windscreen shams and how to avoid getting trapped in this nexus.

What Are Windshield Scams?

 These scams thrive on places like petrol pumps, car washes, or anywhere with dense vehicular traffic. The scammers are generally salespersons posted at these hotspots. They will try to catch hold of your attention by offering a free inspection of your car. Once they do so, they magically find that your windshield needs a repair or even a replacement and like a human form of a silver lining, he'll be willing to repair/replace it for you. In case you have a cracked windshield, you might give in. And, if there is nothing wrong with your windshield, they will smooth-talk you into providing them with your insurance information. This is generally the gateway for scammers to spread their net wider.

Once they have your insurance information, they will pretend to connect with your insurance company so that the cost of the repair is covered by it. Again, all of this is a sham. They will make it look as official as they can not to let your observational skills breathe even a little bit. This whole process doesn't take long, and you drive off thinking that you got a deal of a lifetime with a crystal clear windshield in front of you.

What's Next Once You've Been Scammed?

 Even if the scammers don't take any money from your bank account, they are still capable of harming you and the people connected to you. These scammers never had the intention of doing any good to you and your car. This is the reason why they might use a very low-quality material for repair or replacement. There is everything wrong with a low-quality windshield.

In terms of durability, a low-quality windshield breaks easily and starts showing chips and cracks within a few weeks after installation. These windshields also have low visibility. Low-quality windshields can crack easily or even shatter while driving. It's not just the quality of the product, which is flawed but also the quality of their craft. A poorly installed windscreen can pop out in case your car meets with an accident and can further endanger the lives of other people inside.

These scams have the capability of not only harming you physically but also financially. The insurance information is a handy tool for these scammers. Once they have the necessary information about your insurance company and the plan that you're using, they can manipulate this to fill their pockets with your hard-earned money. With this detailed information, the scammers can charge your insurance company multiple times for work that hasn't even been done.

Overcharging is another way of draining out your bank balance. Although you don’t lose money directly from your pocket, you will eventually pay for these through premium hikes. This can also make you lose your claim due to the multiple charging part of the scam.

How to Avoid Scams Like These?

 Windshield scams are generally avoidable if you have a keen eye for all the loopholes that are present in their sophisticated scams. It becomes an easy-to-avoid scam if you know what to do. Saying no is a virtue that should be protected at all times.

  1. Any business that believes in an ethical relationship with their work and is legitimate will never go down the road of desperate or overly aggressive advertising methods. Approaching people on petrol pumps or parking lots is not something that a genuine business would do. Therefore, keep your eyes open for signs that might arise few questions about the authenticity of the representative or salesperson approaching you with their faux deal.
  2. You should note that a legitimate windshield repair business will generally commence a claim with a 3-way call. This 3-way call is between your insurance company, you, and the glass repair company which will be doing the work. This 3-way call ensures maximum genuineness and efficient working of the claim process.
  3. Make sure the repair service that is working on your car is a 100% genuine company. If you are doubtful, you can always look up the company's name on the internet and decide after reading the reviews. You can also look if their technicians are insured, trained, and certified.
  4. It is crucial to be aware of the entire process of repairing and claiming insurance. To successfully do this, make sure you double-check all the paperwork and bills. Check whether the company's name is matching the one you hired, the bill is for the work that was done (for example, for getting a windshield crack fixed, check that the bill isn't for a whole new windshield).
  5. A little research helps a lot in a situation like this. During the repair, check for all the items and processes that you are unaware of. Get an idea of the actual cost associated so that they don’t overcharge you for anything. Thanks to the internet, this little research will only take you a minute or two but will save you from financial harm.
  6. Stay in touch with your insurance company to know if they cover these kinds of repair or not. There might be a situation where the scammers tell you that a particular repair is covered, but it isn't and can sabotage your claim. Never forget to ask for a warranty from the company representative and see that the paperwork related to the promise is honest and authentic.
  7. Never provide any piece of personal information or info related to your bank accounts. Doing this may make you vulnerable to identity theft, along with insurance theft. This may lead to further damage of your capital and your internal peace.

Windshield cracks and chips are a common thing to witness. Extreme temperatures, hostile environments, vehicles kicking up a rock, etc. can be one of the many reasons that your windshield ends up with a chip or a crack. It is both annoying and unsafe to drive with a windshield crack. It is essential that you only go to a trusted source for your repair or replacement if needed. This article has covered mostly all the vectors that are involved in a windshield repair scam.

Before blaming the desperate world who is out there to rip you off the second they get a chance, you should be aware of the things that you can change or make better to avoid falling into the trap. Always ask questions, clear your doubts, look as attentively as possible at things happening around you. A Scam is no magic. It’s a mere trick. Be careful the next time you see a person approaching you with a deal that sounds too good to be true. Cheers!

Trust the Right Expert for Your Windshield

If you are looking for an authentic and OEM specified automotive windshield, look no further than AIS Wind Shield Experts. Our squad of professionals repair cracked windshield and also offer replacement services with written part warranty. We take pride in our work and therefore, offer an extended 1-year warranty on workmanship.

Don't have the time to come into the service station for repairs? Fret not! AIS Windshield Experts offer doors-step services while keeping in mind all the social distancing norms.

To know more about how we can care for your car's windshield, give us a call or log on to our website today!

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