Reasons why Windshield Cracks are Dangerous for Children


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Drive your car long enough and you’re bound to end up with windshield cracks or chips. And while it is nearly impossible to completely avoid getting your windshield damaged, it is imperative to address the problem without delay, especially if you have kids around.

Chips and cracks on a car windshield are no trivial matter; rather, they are a major safety hazard - for all in general and for little ones in particular. Let us find out how - 

“Risky Play”: Feeding Children’s Curiosity

It is a well-known fact that children are fond of “playing with fire.” They tend to love the exhilarating thrill they receive on getting engaged in risky play and ofcourse, they are highly curious by nature, trying to make sense of the world around them. Though some part of it is crucial to a child’s emotional development (risky play helps kids push their limits and overcome their fears), it is not always advisable.

This affinity towards risky play can even show itself in the form of exploring a damaged windshield. Though windshield glass does not shatter into sharp shards that can cause injuries, your child could still put their safety at risk by trying to meddle with the cracked and chipped parts or worse, could pull out a piece of glass from the damaged area and swallow it.

But that is not all; if you persist on putting off windshield repair or replacement until a later date and drive around with a damaged car glass, you are most certainly putting yours and your child’s life in grave danger. 

Damaged Windshields: Especially Dangerous for Your Child

A damaged windshield could become a matter of life and death to your child. Given below are few reasons why you must never consider windshield damage a trivial matter -

Your Child Becomes Vulnerable to the Elements

As the name itself suggests, a windshield performs the vital function of shielding against the wind and the elements that circulate with it. Meaning, it stands on the frontline, protecting the vehicle’s occupants from heavy wind forces, dirt, debris, small and big stones, etc. If your car’s windshield has chips and cracks on it, it will not be able to perform this function well, putting your child at risk of being attacked by the elements and being injured. 

A Minor Collision can Mutilate Your Child

What most car owners seem to neglect, especially when their windshield suffers only minor chips is that the auto glass is responsible for rendering structural integrity to the vehicle. And though windshield cracks, especially deep dents, are a major safety hazard as they significantly compromise the car’s structural integrity; minor chips are also a disaster in the making. Over time, unattended chips spread and expand till they become either a costly replacement or a threat to your child’s safety.

During the unfortunate event of a head-on collision, not only will a damaged windshield easily cave in to the impact but it will also be unable to facilitate proper air bag deployment – two requisite conditions for ensuring safety. 

You Risk having the Roof Crushed

Now, the windshield is the strong ballast holding together the frame of the vehicle – solid structural integrity – provided it is healthy and in shape. A windshield crack or chip, on the contrary, is weak and incapable of supporting the vehicle’s structure.

This makes the car’s roof (dependent on the windshield to stand tall and strong) highly susceptible to crushing over your child in the event of a rollover accident. 

Your Child Could Get Ejected

Now, your car comes with seatbelts that play the important role of preventing the passengers from being ejected out of the vehicle in case of a sudden heavy impact. But, what most people fail to understand is that it is the windshield that offers the ultimate protection against ejection.

If ever it so happens that your child’s seatbelt malfunctions for some reason or you’ve forgotten to buckle them in and an accident were to occur, it is very much possible that the damaged windshield will not offer any protection, causing your child to be thrown out of the vehicle.

Note – One important thing to remember would be that to repair windshield crack is not a wise decision as cracks of all manner compromise the car’s structural integrity and hence, warranty complete replacement. To know more about windshield repair, click here. 

Contact AIS Windshield Experts for Damaged Windshield

Every discerning and responsible parent wants to ensure their child’s safety. Is your car’s windshield damaged? Get expert help at the earliest by contacting AIS Windshield Experts! As the largest auto glass repair and replacement network in the country, we can handle all your car glass woes.

Our windshields are 100% OEM-grade, sourced directly from our parent brand – Asahi India Glass Limited. But, don’t worry! We follow a ‘Repair First’ policy and suggest a windshield replacement only when it is imperative. Our company-trained specialists are well-equipped with top-of-the-line tools, use premium-quality polyurethane adhesive, and observe international safety norms while carrying out windshield repair or replacement.

We offer a one-year written warranty on workmanship and materials used. We have tie-ups with major insurance companies and provide hassle-free services and cashless claim transactions to facilitate convenience for our customers. Visit one of our 90+ service centres or simply call us on 1800 102 6364 and we will be at your doorstep! Contact us today.

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