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Imagine you slide into your car on a rainy day only to notice a peculiar odour along with a wet carpet or fogged-up windows. Such a situation can be frustrating as perhaps, you may have a busy day scheduled, and could be clueless as to what is causing the moisture to seep inside your vehicle.

Finding the source of the water leak can seem complicated. For instance, just because your carpet is wet does not mean that is where the leak is located. But, what you do know is that if the source remains unfixed, it can lead to rust, mildew, and mould. In such situations, often a leaking windshield in car is the culprit. Has this bit of information got you worried? Don’t fret! This guide will tell you the possible causes behind a leaking windshield and how you can gauge whether your vehicle’s front window is indeed the culprit.

Possible Causes behind a Leaking Windshield

Remember, a leaking windshield in car can also be the sign of a loose or weakened screen. Here are the top reasons that cause your car’s front glass to allow in moisture.

Bad Installation Practices

Believe it or not, often a leaking windshield in car is simply the consequence of poor handling and installation. The technician handling your vehicle might be inexperienced, or he/she may use an inadequate amount of urethane that prevents proper sealing of the windscreen to the frame. Adding to it, the technician might fail to use vacuum cups or the right setting tools, just because they didn’t have proper training.

If you recently got your windshield replaced and are noticing moisture and air bubbles around it, take your car to an expert immediately. Make sure you choose the right auto glass expert to handle a component as critical as the front glass of your vehicle. How? Tap into the word-of-mouth network by talking to your friends, colleagues, and scour the internet for reviews. Also, windshield installation requires a certain kind of expertise which companies like AIS Windshield Experts have mastered.

Installation during the Wrong Climate

Barring emergencies, it is not the best idea to replace the windshield in car during the rainy season. Why? The heightened moisture content in the air will likely cause the urethane to not stick to a damp windshield.

The non-sticking can lead to an improperly sealed windshield in car, which will allow rainwater to seep inside your vehicle. The best time to get your front glass replaced is during the summer or winter season, as the weather is generally dry.

An Older Car Model

Older automotive models use rubber gaskets to seal the windshield in car. These gaskets tend to deteriorate over time and become loose, thus allowing water to leak through. After gaskets came the vehicles that used butyl tape to counter the problem of leakage.

Thanks to technological advances, modern automobiles now use urethane, and the windshield in car is designed as a part of the vehicle’s body structure. So, if your car is of an older make, the windscreen is perhaps worse for wear and the gasket overdue for replacement.

How to Find a Leak in Your Windshield?

Finding your windshield’s leakage source can take time but can be done. Here are a few tips for testing your car’s front glass for seepage.

Spray Your Windscreen with a Garden Hose

Firstly, make sure all doors and windows of the car are shut, and a spotter is sitting inside the cabin. Now, plug a garden hose and start showering your vehicle. Start from the bottom-most point of the windshield in car and slowly work your way up. If there is indeed a leak in your windshield, the spotter can identify it immediately through this method.

Make sure to use a low stream of water, as too much force will cause it to bounce right off the surface of the windshield in car. Be careful while conducting this test and cover up the vulnerable parts of your cabin with an old towel.

Soap Up along Your Windshield’s Trim

If water can leak through your windshield in car, so can air. And, to spot air bubbles, we need soap to stick to them. Rub a mild soapy solution on the outer trims and edges of your windscreen, and turn on your car’s blower.

The air from your car’s fan will shift the foam, letting you spot soapy air bubbles. Doing this will help you locate the source of damage in the windshield in car.

Over to You

Do you have further questions or concerns about your car’s leaky windshield or windows? If yes, then reach out to AIS Windshield Experts. With 90+ service centres and stores across 45 plus cities, we are India’s largest automotive-care network. Our squad of well-trained technicians uses top-of-the-line tools and are eager to help at every step of the way.

To know more about our services and areas of expertise, give us a call at 9818866364 or visit our website today!

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