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Cost for Maruti Suzuki Windshield Replacement

Maruti is a name that needs no introduction. Regarded as one of the giants in the automobile industry, the automaker started car production in India in 1983 with its first car- the Maruti 800. Since then, Maruti has dominated the Indian automobile market as one of the biggest players.

From a powerful engine to incredible battery performance to sturdy windshields, Maruti cars are the full package. Your Maruti's windshield is not just an ornamental addition; it is one of the most integral components of your car and hence, any damage sustained by it must not be ignored.

Why Windshield Damage Should not be Ignored?

Whether your Maruti windshield gets a chip or a crack, the most important thing is to get it fixed on time. If the chips and cracks are left unattended, they have the potential to damage your car. A damaged windshield is a safety hazard that can endanger your life as well as those of others.

Compromised Safety

Your Maruti windshield is an integral part of your car. It helps in the proper deployment of airbags. A chipped or cracked windshield won’t be able to provide any kind of structural support. In a rollover accident, a damaged windshield won’t be able to hold the car roof, hence causing it to collapse on you. A damaged windshield also won't be able to stop you from being thrown out of the car in the face of an accident. Moreover, if the damage is in the line of sight of the driver then it can compromise the driver's visibility. Therefore, neglecting a damaged windshield can have grave consequences, sometimes even fatal.

Aggravating Damage

Your driving can have a huge impact on your windshield. When you accelerate quickly or suddenly apply the brakes, your Maruti’s windshield faces a great deal of pressure. When you are driving on uneven terrains or bumpy roads, your windshield vibrates. If there is already a chip or crack, it might worsen due to the vibrations. Moreover, extreme temperature changes also play a huge part in worsening the damage. Apart from this, hailstorms, heavy rainfall, playing loud music in the car or further impact can worsen the chip or crack.

Decreased Market Value

Do not ward off the possibility that you might wish to put your Maruti on the market, but doing so with a damaged windshield will make it unattractive to buyers. No buyer would want to invest in a second-hand car only to spend thousands on a windshield replacement. This means that you will have to compromise on the price of your car.

If you wish to keep your car in top-notch quality, it is best to get its damaged windshield repaired or replaced immediately to ensure high market value.

How to Choose a Windshield Replacement Company?

Whether it’s a repair or a replacement, you should always opt for professional solutions for your windshield matters. Here are some key points that you need to keep in mind before choosing your windshield replacement service provider -

Quality Products

To save a couple of bucks, you might want to opt for cheaper windshield services that entail compromising the quality of the products. Low-quality windshields are more likely to get damaged and are often not compatible with your Maruti car. In the long run, cheaper products end up costing you more. This is why it is always best to go for a replacement company that uses high-quality and OEM-grade products.


While choosing a windshield replacement company, you should always opt for a provider that offers a warranty against their windshield installation workmanship, glass, and seals used. The warranty will influence the Maruti windshield replacement price quoted to you, ensuring that you get a good bargain.

Repair Comes First

A lot of replacement companies don’t opt for repairing even fixable chips and straightaway recommend a windshield replacement. This happens because windshield replacements tend to be costlier than repairs. You should not choose a replacement service provider who does not even consider windshield repair. Ask your replacement company to explain to you the severity and the type of damage and why it can’t be fixed to be sure that you are not spending unjustifiably.

AIS Windshield Experts follows a ‘Repair First’ policy. Read more about windshield repair here.

Insurance Tie-Ups

Your Maruti must have car insurance that guarantees minimum expenditure on repairs. This car insurance can also cover damage that your windshield has incurred. Choose a windshield replacement company that has tie-ups with your insurance provider as it will ensure that you won’t face any difficulties while having your claims settled.

If you are on the lookout for the perfect windshield repair and replacement service, choose AIS Windshield Experts. We provide ‘faster, safer, and better’ services. Our experts use 100% genuine glass from Asahi India Glass Limited, high-quality polyurethane adhesives, and top-of-the-line tools to fix your damaged windshield. We also provide a one-year written warranty on our workmanship and products used. Our 90+ conveniently-located service centres and several mobile vans can meet your needs whenever and wherever!

If you want to find out your Maruti windshield replacement price, simply request a quote online. After knowing the Maruti windshield price, you can visit our service centre or opt for doorstep services. Get in touch with us today!

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