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 Replace scorpio windshield

With a powerful engine of 2179 cc, a power steering, and excellent mileage of 16.5 kmpl, Mahindra's trusted Scorpio is a dream for SUV lovers. However, it isn’t just the incredible engine and battery performance that keeps it running. Every little feature, from the power front windows to the durable windshield matters just as much.

Your Scorpio's windshield is not merely ornamental. It supports everything, from the driver assistance system to the safety features of your car. Any damage to your windshield directly compromises the functional and structural integrity of your vehicle.

Why You Should Not Ignore Windshield Damage

Having any chips and cracks repaired immediately is necessary if you want to take care of both yourself and your vehicle. Here are some reasons why you should never ignore windshield damage -

Worsening Damage

Every time you drive, your Scorpio’s windshield vibrates. This vibration intensifies on particularly bumpy roads or uneven terrain. If there is already a crack or a chip present in the windscreen, it might worsen due to such vibrations. Moreover, temperature fluctuations, playing loud music in the car, hailstorms, or further impact will always make the chip or crack larger than before.

Compromised Safety

Windshields are an important component of the safety system of your Scorpio. The functioning of airbags depends on the windshield. It also prevents the driver and passengers from being flung out of the vehicle in case of a rollover accident. Moreover, since some windshield chips and cracks can be present directly in the driver’s line of vision, they can cause serious accidents because of compromised visibility. Ignoring windshield damage, therefore, can be fatal to you and your family.

Decreased Market Value

You might wish to put your Scorpio on the market, but doing so with a damaged windshield will ensure little profit for you. No one would want to buy a second-hand vehicle only to spend thousands on windshield repair. This means that you would have to price your precious vehicle lower or have it recycled for little money.

If you wish to keep your car as good as new, having your faulty windshield replaced or repaired immediately is a good idea.

How to Choose a Windshield Replacement Company?

Once you have decided to get your car’s windshield repaired or replaced, choosing the right replacement professionals is critical. Keep in mind the following points before finalising a windshield replacement service for your Scorpio -

Repair Comes First

Many replacement companies do not consider repairing even fixable chips. This often happens because replacements tend to be pricier than repairs. Never opt for a replacement professional who doesn’t suggest repair for minor chips that can be repaired. To ensure that you do not spend unjustifiably on replacement, ask your replacement company to explain to you the type of damage and why it’s not fixable.

Product Quality Matters

Sometimes, you might want to opt for cheaper windshield replacement services, even if that entails compromising the quality of the new windshield. Doing so will only cause later expenses, since cheaper or low-quality windshields get damaged easily and are often not compatible with your Scorpio. Always choose a replacement company that uses products certified for their quality. Your chosen replacement service should also come with a warranty and must recalibrate all driver-assistance features after installing the new windshield.

Insurance Tie-Ups Help

Your Scorpio must have a car insurance that ensures minimum expenditure on repairs. This insurance might also cover windshield-related damage. If your replacement company has tie-ups with your insurance provider, you will not face difficulty while having claims settled and will not have to pay upfront. This will save you time and money, and also ensure minimum hassle.

If you are looking for a windshield replacement service with all of the above-mentioned features, head to AIS Windshield Experts. Located in more than 50+ cities across the countries, our experts are trained to handle windshield repair and replacement services for your Scorpio. If you want to know the Scorpio windshield price from the comfort of your home, simply request a quote online. After knowing the Scorpio windshield price, you may choose our doorstep windshield replacement services.

Our experts use high-quality polyurethane adhesives to replace your damaged windshield with a genuine and new one. All our services come with a warranty and a quick turnaround time. We will never suggest replacement if there is a possibility of repair, and even if you require windshield replacement, we will help quicken the insurance claim process by employing our tie-ups with leading car insurance providers.

Contact us today to avail of hassle free windshield repair and replacement services for your Scorpio!

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