The Dangers of Not Repairing Car Glass


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Damaged car glass is more than just a visual blemish. In reality, it is an enormous safety hazard, but not many car owners are aware of this. Most people believe that it is acceptable to drive a car with damaged front car glass, which is why it is not uncommon to find many people drive around with their car glass either slightly or significantly damaged. As a car owner, you should know that it is critical to keep your car glass in top-notch condition, which is why if your car glass is damaged, get it fixed at the earliest, while there is still time.

A Little about Car Glass

The car glass or windshield is more than a mere ornamental addition to your car. The car glass is, in fact, a crucial component that performs multiple functions. Its presence provides you and the rest of the occupants of the car with optimum safety. As the car glass is critical to your safety, it is generally made of laminated glass. Laminated glass consists of two sheets or panes of glass with a special interlayer of Poly Vinyl Butyral (PVB) in between, which is bonded together to form a single uniform piece of car glass. Laminated glass is known to be more robust and durable than ordinary glass. Moreover, the PVB interlayer keeps the outer two glass layers intact and stops the windshield from shattering like regular glass. Furthermore, if your car glass incurs minor damage, the windshield can even be repaired.

Dangers of Driving Around with a Damaged Car Glass

If your car glass is damaged, it can easily put your life in danger. Given below are consequences of failing to address windshield woes on time.

A Barrier to Clear Visibility
Car glass in pristine condition offers optimum visibility. But when it gets damaged, visibility is hampered, particularly during rough weather or low light conditions. If you don't have an unobstructed view of the road ahead, it will put you under massive risk of getting into a collision or road pile-up. Additionally, a damaged car glass is also a constant distraction. A pitted or chipped car glass also tends to reflect sunlight and can cause glares or flashes that can leave you blinded momentarily – safety hazard to say the least.

Loss of Structural Integrity

Your car glass or the windshield is a vital safety component as it lends structural integrity to your vehicle. However, a damaged car glass will be unable to provide your car with the structural support it needs. In case of a rollover, the damaged car glass will not be able to support the car’s roof. This will result in the roof caving in and collapsing, causing grave injuries to passengers.

Fatal Accidents

The car glass is meant to provide maximum protection to you and the rest of the passengers, especially during accidents. However, if it is already damaged, it will be unable to bear the harsh impact in a front-end collision. If you aren't wearing your seat-belt, the accidental impact can result in you being ejected out of the car. Moreover, owing to the PVB interlayer, the car glass does not shatter into sharp shards, unlike regular glass. But if it is already damaged, an external impact will cause the glass to shatter.

Airbag Malfunction

The car glass assists in the proper deployment of airbags. It acts as the backstop so that airbags can inflate towards the passengers. However, if the car glass is already damaged, it will lead to a failed airbag deployment, leaving passengers vulnerable. Any damage to the car glass compromises its ability to shield you in case of accidents.

The Best Way to Deal with Damaged Car Glass

Your car glass is crucial to your safety; hence it should only be left in the care of capable hands, i.e. trained technicians. You might be tempted to go for DIY solutions, but they do more harm than good. Mostly, DIY solutions or a home repair kit end up worsening the damage, making it more time and money consuming. Using a DIY kit to repair your car glass damage can end up escalating the damage, wherein a replacement becomes mandatory. However, trained car glass professionals will have the specialised knowledge and experience that is needed to suggest and perform the right course of action.

Your car glass is crucial to your safety; hence it should only be left in the care of capable hands, i.e. trained technicians. You might be tempted to go for DIY solutions, but they do more harm than good. Mostly, using DIY solutions or a home repair kit can end up worsening the damage, making a replacement mandatory. So, always choose professional windshield solutions.

When looking to get your damaged car glass fixed, head to AIS Windshield Experts. Our experts use world-class equipment and industry-best products. Additionally, we always follow international-safety standards while repairing your car glass. We also give out a one-year written warranty on the materials used and workmanship. To know more, check out windshield repair. You can drive to one of our 90+ conveniently-located service centres or contact us at 1800 102 6364 to get your windshield repaired at your doorstep. Contact us today!

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    It didn’t occur to me that the windshield is such an important structural element of cars in the case of an accident. There is a long crack on the left side of my windshield currently. I will look into having that fixed within the next week.

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