How to Deal with a Leaky Car Windshield?


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Imagine getting inside your car to go about your day when you are greeted with fogged-up windows or a wet carpet or a peculiar, nauseating odour. This can automatically spoil your whole mood! But, did you know that more often than not, a leaking car windshield is the culprit for moisture build-up inside your car?

Dealing with a leaky car windshield the wrong way will only aggravate the problem. This guide will let you know all that there is to know about a leaky car windshield and the best way to get it fixed.

Ways to Identify a Leaky Car Windshield

Given below are a few ways of testing your windshield for leakage.

Soap Up Your Windshield

For this method, rub a mild soapy solution onto the outer trim area and the edges of your windshield. Then, turn your car’s blower to defrost. Alternatively, you can also get someone to use an air nozzle to blow air directly onto the windshield edges from inside the vehicle. The air from the fan will shift the foam and help you spot the soapy air bubbles from the outside.

Spray Your Windshield

First and foremost, for this test, close all the doors and windows of your car and make sure a spotter is sitting inside the vehicle. Now, shower the outside of your car windshield with water from a garden hose. Make sure to start from the lowest point of your car windshield and slowly work your way up. If there is a leak in your windshield, the spotter can immediately spot where the water is entering the cabin. If you notice water dripping inside, a windshield replacement is needed.

If you are using this method, always ensure to use low water pressure, as too much force will cause the water to bounce right off the windshield surface.

Possible Reasons behind a Leaking Car Windshield

Improper Windshield Installation

Often, a leaky car windshield is the result of poor installation. If you got your windshield replaced by inexperienced technicians who didn't have the proper training or specialised tools, your windshield may become leaky. Inexperienced technicians may have no clue regarding the correct type of adhesive to use; many opt for inferior-quality silicone adhesive instead of OEM-recommended high-quality poly-urethane. Moreover, many may have no idea about the amount of poly-urethane to use for proper windshield installation. In either of the cases, the windshield will not properly attach to the frame. Another potential reason for incorrect installation could be failure to use proper setting tools or vacuum cups crucial for a correct windshield replacement.

An Older Car Model

Another possible reason behind a leaking windshield is if you have an older car model. Older car models use rubber gaskets to seal the windshield to the frame. However, these gaskets tend to deteriorate over time and become loose, thereby allowing water to leak through. Nowadays, due to technological advances, modern cars use poly-urethane, and the windshield is designed to adhere to the car's body structure, which helps in providing watertight seals.

Installation during the Wrong Season

If you are thinking of getting a windshield replacement, it is better not to get the new windshield installed during the rainy season, until it is an emergency. This is because the increase in the air's moisture content will likely not allow the urethane to stick properly to the windshield's damp surface. The appropriate time to get a windshield replacement is when the weather is dry, like during the winter or summer.

Dangers of a Leaky Windshield

If you have a car windshield with a water leakage problem, your car will develop mould, mildew, and rust. These elements affect the value of your car and negatively impact the health of the occupants using the car. Mildew and mould are a serious threat to the interior air quality. It causes an unpleasant smell making it uncomfortable for you to drive. Moreover, mildew and mould are serious threats to your health as they can cause allergic reactions.

Windshield leakage can also cause electrical issues like sensor failures, the rusting of your pin connectors, etc. in your car. Furthermore, your windshield is an integral safety component of your vehicle that prevents outside elements from entering inside your car. It also provides structural stability to your car and helps keep you safe in life-threatening situations. Hence, your windshield should always be in top-notch condition.

The Best Solution

When it comes to handling a leaky car windshield, it is always best to leave it to the professionals. Opting for DIY solutions is not the right decision, as it would be hard to work out the extent of the leak on your own. Moreover, DIY solutions are not a long-lasting fix and are often not effective.

To get a leaky car windshield fixed, choose AIS Windshield Experts as your trusted windshield service provider. We provide 100% genuine windshield glass sourced from our parent brand, Asahi India Glass Limited – India’s leading automotive glass dealer. We also use the recommended rubber-based polyurethane adhesive. Our well-trained experts are armed with world-class equipment and can help you every step of the way. To know more, check out windshield replacement.

If you cannot visit our service centres, you can opt for our doorstep services. Call us on 1800 102 6364 to avail of  windshield repair and replacement services.

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