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The car windshield plays an essential role in vehicle safety. Not only does it prevent outside elements from entering the vehicle, but it also provides structural stability to your car. The car windshield is a crucial safety component that helps in protecting you and fellow passengers in the event of an accident. During an accident, the windshield also helps in airbag deployment. Your car windshield even acts as a protective shield that stops you from being thrown out of the vehicle.

However, various factors can damage your car windshield, and if that happens, it is of utmost importance that you get it fixed immediately. Some damages cannot be fixed by a simple repair and warrant windshield replacement. When it comes to car windshield replacement, using the right adhesive is what determines the success of the process.

What is an Adhesive?

To know what a car windshield adhesive is, first, you need to understand the difference between adhesives and sealants. Adhesives are used to bind two unlike or different bodies together, for example - glass and metal. On the other hand, sealants have chemicals that form a hard water-proof coating, which helps fill gaps and prevent the entry of water. Your car windshield is held in place with the help of a premium adhesive. The adhesive is applied between the laminated windshield glass and the frame. The primary purpose of an adhesive is to provide the strength to hold the car windshield in an accident or collision for passenger safety.

Importance of a High-Quality Adhesive

A high-quality adhesive is an essential requirement for your car windshield to provide you optimum safety. If the adhesive is not of good quality, the bond between the windshield glass and the car won’t be strong, meaning the windshield could suddenly come off during accidents. The implication of this will be that the windshield will be unable to prevent your ejection from the car, help in proper airbag deployment, or stop the roof from collapsing. Simply put, it will be unable to perform any of the safety functions for which it is installed. Moreover, using incorrect, cheap, or low-quality adhesives can make your car unsafe to drive as it could be mortally hazardous for you in the event of an accident.

Why Polyurethane is the Recommended Choice?

Although there are many types of adhesives available in the market, polyurethane or just urethane, is the most widely used adhesive in the automotive industry. This is because polyurethane can provide high-performance bonding applications for your car windshield.

Polyurethane is 90 times stronger than a silicone sealant. It is also the OEM-recommended adhesive type. In case of an accident, polyurethane prevents your car windshield from coming out of the frame or caving in and collapsing on you during a rollover. It also has extraordinary elasticity, better elongation, and is incredibly tough and abrasion-resistant. Polyurethane is also favoured due to its durability. Silicone usually gets softened by high temperature and humidity, but polyurethane adhesives, on the other hand, can retain their long-term strength even after being exposed to heat, humidity, cold, or rain.

Always Opt for Professional Services

First of all, car windshield replacement and the handling of adhesives should only be done by professionals. This is because only experts have the specialised knowledge to undertake windshield replacement with precision. Windshield experts will know the correct way of applying the adhesive. Before applying the adhesive, they will ensure that grease, dirt, etc. have been removed, and the area is clean so that the adhesive can dry properly and bond completely. They will remove the old adhesive properly. Moreover, they will also inform you of the curing time and give the adhesive time to dry and cure as required. If the adhesive is not applied with proper care, and guidelines are not followed, it can lead to poor installation of your car windshield, which is a huge safety hazard.

If you want to get your car windshield replaced, finding a reputed windshield replacement company becomes necessary. A reliable windshield replacement company will always use high-quality polyurethane adhesive. If you opt for roadside assistance, they might use a low-quality adhesive or a sealant to save a few bucks. Therefore, it is much better to go to a trusted windshield replacement company that can provide you with trained technicians and the best-quality products for your car windshield.

Looking for such car windshield experts? Turn to AIS Windshield Experts! AIS Windshield Experts provides ‘faster, safer, and better’ windshield solutions. We not only use 100% OEM-grade windshield glass sourced from Asahi India Glass Limited – India’s leading integrated glass manufacturer, but we also use the recommended rubber-based polyurethane adhesive to provide extra safety to your vehicle. Check out car windshield replacement to know more about our services.

Our experts follow all international safety protocols and are equipped with world-class tools and high-grade products to work on your car windshield. For your convenience, we also give a one-year written warranty on our workmanship and materials used. Our 90+ conveniently-located service centres cross 50+ cities and mobile vans can serve you, whenever and wherever.

Contact us today!

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