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Why Replace Broken Car Back Glass Immediately

Car owners seldom pay attention to their windshields. For most car owners, performance and appearance are the most important qualities that they look for in a car. This often leads to many car owners not taking proper care of their windshield in car. While on the one hand, all the other parts of the vehicle get proper attention, on the other hand, car owners often forget to give proper attention to their windshield and end up driving around with a damaged windshield.

The windshield in car is more than a mere ornamental addition, which is why a damaged windshield is a serious matter. Let us get to know all about it.

Windshield in Car: Not a Mere Adornment  

Most car owners aren't aware that the windshield in car is a vital safety component whose presence provides optimum protection to you and your fellow passengers. As the windshield in car is essential for your safety, it is typically made of laminated glass. Laminated glass is known to be more robust than regular glass. Laminated glass consists of two panes or sheets of glass with an interlayer of Poly Vinyl Butyral (PVB) in between, which is bonded together to form an incredibly sturdy uniform piece of auto glass. The PVB interlayer prevents the windshield glass from shattering like ordinary glass. This protects you and your fellow passengers from any severe injury if you get caught in an accident or collision. Furthermore, if the damage from any accidental impact is minor, the laminated glass can also be repaired.

The Role of Windshield in Car

Let us look at the multiple functions that the windshield in car serves.

Clear View

Firstly, one of the most basic functions of a windshield in car is to provide an unobstructed and clear view of the roads ahead to the driver. A clear view of the road is of utmost importance as it allows you to drive your car most safely without getting into potentially life-threatening situations.

Structural Integrity

A lesser-known fact about windshield in car is that it provides 40% structural strength to the car roof. In a rollover, the windshield in car prevents the roof from caving in and collapsing, thus preventing passengers from getting crushed.

Shield of Protection

The windshield in car acts as a protective layer and safeguards the interiors of the vehicle, you and the rest of the car's occupants from outside elements such as dust, stones, debris, rain, wind, etc. that you encounter on the roads. The windshield's laminated glass also has a high resistance to penetration, thereby ensuring optimum safety. Laminated glass also localises the breakage or damage to the point of impact. Due to this, visibility in other parts of the windshield in car is not hindered.

Correct Deployment of Airbags

Your windshield in car aids in the correct deployment of the front airbags. It acts as the backstop for the airbags so that they can bounce off the windshield and inflate towards the passengers of the vehicle. If the windshield is not in a good state, it won't be able to absorb the airbag's impact, leading to an airbag malfunction.

UV Protection

The interlayer of the laminated glass is highly-efficient in blocking harmful UV rays. Therefore, the windshield blocks the sun’s UV rays and prevents your car’s interiors from deterioration.

The windshield in car is essential in ensuring that you and your fellow passengers are safe. Therefore, you should always make sure that the windshield in car is in the best condition. Your windshield in car will always run the risk of incurring damages. But, what you should remember is that if your windshield has been damaged, notwithstanding minor or major damage, you must seek immediate professional help.

Put Your Trust in Professional Solutions

Matters of the windshield should always be handled with care and precision, which is why professional solutions are the way to go. DIY solutions might look like a desirable option, but in reality, they mostly end by aggravating the damage, which eventually ends up costing more money and time. However, when you opt for professional solutions, you can rest assured that your windshield in car is in good hands. A trained windshield expert will have the necessary knowledge and experience that is needed to deal with windshield damage and, hence, will be able to suggest the best way to fix the damage.

When looking to get your windshield in car fixed, turn to AIS Windshield Experts. We offer 100% authentic glass sourced from our parent brand - Asahi India Glass Limited. Our team of experts uses industry-best equipment and high-grade materials to work on your windshield. Moreover, we always follow international-safety standards, whether it's a repair or a replacement. We also give out a one-year written warranty on the materials used and our workmanship. To know more, check out windshield repair and replacement.

To avail of our services, you can drive to one of our 90+ conveniently-located service centres or contact us at 1800 102 6364 to get your windshield fixed at your doorstep.

So, reach out to us for all your windshield-related woes!

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