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Car Windshield Care Tips

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, most countries have gone into long-term lockdowns ranging from a few weeks to about several months. The most important thing to do now is to maintain social distancing, meaning that we should not be going out at all unless it is absolutely necessary. However, that could be bad news for your car, which is pretty much expected to be sitting out in the garage the whole time. For a car to stay in good shape, it needs to be tended to quite regularly, especially if it is going to be tucked away in the garage for a while. Surely, it reduces risks of accidents to almost zero and keeps your car clean and without chips and cracks on the glasses of its windows and the windshields, but a car in long-term storage also needs to be taken care of in its own way. Here are a few things you should know about car-care amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.

Taking Your Car out Once a Week

You could keep your car battery charged by taking out your car for a spin once in a while, at least once a week. That could be the easiest way to keep the car battery from getting discharged over time. However, a common question people have in this situation is that, how frequently should you take out your car? The temperature and the climate of the place in question is a determining factor here. Car batteries discharge faster in cold climates. Besides that, it also depends on how old your car is and whether it is parked outdoors or inside a garage.

Choosing a Good Parking Spot

You must choose your parking spot wisely. Avoid parking below trees or near lampposts. During storms, tree branches could break off and fall on your car and lampposts could topple over on your vehicle and damage your car windshield. Sap dripping from a tree and bird wastes could damage the paint on the vehicle. You should not park on grass or on soft and damp surfaces either. It may cause moisture to seep into the car’s undercarriage and lead to rusting. Gravel is the best surface on which you can park your car, especially for extended periods.

Keeping the Tank Filled

During a pandemic, uncertainty hovers over our lives. There can be emergencies and crisis-situations which might call for taking your car out immediately. There could be a medical emergency with someone needing to be rushed to the hospital immediately. It would be best to know that you have your tank filled during such a crisis, as it would save a lot of anxiety and uncertainty and allow you to take the person who is ill, straight to the hospital. Besides that, topping off your tank prevents condensation from accumulating inside the tank. It also prevents the building up of gasoline to hazardous levels. Another option is to use a fuel stabiliser which extends the life of the gasoline.

Covering and Protecting Your Car

Using a cover on your car is an age-old but effective way to prevent it from getting dirty. It preserves the paint on your car and does not allow dirt to stick on it. You could also take the wax and seal option, which is even more effective in protecting the paint. That way, dust, twigs, small pebbles, etc. will not be able to damage the appearance of your vehicle.

Maintaining Tyres and Brakes

If a car stays stagnant for an extended period, the tyres of the car could get damaged. The tyres could deflate, and cracks could appear on their surfaces from the constant pressure and heavyweight of the car, due to staying in one position for a very long period. This problem can be solved by moving your car a little on a frequent basis so that it eases the pressure on your tyres a little and prevents them from sitting in one position for too long. Similarly, if your car has been sitting around for too long, it can also cause damage to the brakes. Using a tyre stopper or substituting a tyre stopper with a stone to keep the car standing still is an ideal solution.

Taking Care of your Car’s Windshield

The windshield is an extremely important part of a car. It maintains the structural integrity of the car besides providing clear vision to the driver. You should wash and maintain your car windshield regularly. It is advisable to not let your wiper blades stick to your windshield for an extended period of time since this can create marks or impressions on the glass. It is better to just wrap the blades with a cloth or put a cloth underneath the wiper blades to avoid marks on the screen.

Despite these tips, if something unfortunate happens and a stone or a pebble or a twig from a tree has chipped or cracked your car windshield, compromising your vision, you might need immediate assistance. Although it is more challenging to deal with a damaged windshield in the middle of a pandemic, choosing the right company for service can make it a cakewalk. At AIS Windshield Experts, we make windshield repair and replacement, easy and readily available in this pandemic scenario. We have launched an app called the Quick Assistance app, which provides hassle-free services to customers at reasonable prices, keeping in mind the social distancing norms. So, get in touch with us today. We have over 80 centres across more than 50+ cities, ready to provide professional and efficient services with our well-trained technicians.

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