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The most crucial purpose of the windshield of a car is to provide safety. Besides shielding you from environmental elements like wind, debris, storms, it also strengthens the structure of your vehicle. In situations like roll-over accidents, the windshield protects the car from getting crushed and also keeps you from getting ejected out of the car. Having a windscreen with chips or cracks is not only extremely uncomfortable for the driver, but also a safety hazard. Car owners often go for easy repair in these situations, but more often than not, having the windshield replaced instead of repaired is a far better option. Here are a few common reasons why people opt for car windshield replacement.

Impact on Visibility

Having your windshield strewn with cracks and chips or just having a minor ding in your line-of-vision can make it difficult for you to drive. It might affect your concentration while driving and obstruct your vision. A crack in the wrong place can reflect bright light into your eyes and make you prone to accidents. So, if your windshield has even these seemingly minor damages, you should consider opting for a windshield replacement as soon as possible.

Extended Cracks Cannot be fixed

A small crack or chip could expand and worsen to render the windshield irreparable. Replacement becomes necessary if the crack begins or ends at the edge of the windshield. The Poly Vinyl Butyral layer could also get damaged due to the crack and just repairing that would not be enough to restore the structural integrity of the car. If you go for repair instead of replacement, you have to keep in mind these risks involved.

Faulty Windshield Installation

Your car could have arrived with an incorrectly installed windshield. It can also happen that you had already gone for windshield replacement, but the replacement was not done by a professional, or there were mistakes made during the process. Irregular sounds while driving, water seeping through the front glass, excessive dew formation, etc. could be indicative of incorrect installation of a windshield. Other indicators could be inconsistent patterns on the glass, waviness, and light distortion. Driving the car immediately after auto glass installation before the adhesives have had a chance to set in, could result in shifting of the glass and you would once again need to go for a windshield replacement.

Impact on Other Safety Features of the Car

Other safety features of the car, like airbags, could also malfunction due to a damaged windshield. The windshield assists in the proper deployment of airbags, and a damaged windshield would not be able to provide that support. This can significantly increase risks of injury during accidents, especially in cases of a head-on collision. So, replacing a damaged windshield should be an important safety precaution in this situation.

Time for Car Resale

Suppose you want to keep options open for a possible resale of your car in the future. In that case, if you have cracks or chips and other damages on your car, you have to repair or replace them before you consider selling the car. A repaired windshield would certainly reduce the resale value of your car. Instead, if you go for windshield replacement, it will significantly raise the resale price bar.

Replacement is a Practical option

Repairing cracks, even the minor ones on your windshield could seem to be an easier and cheaper option, but more often than not, it ultimately does not turn out to be as cost-effective as you may have expected. Getting your windshield repaired could be less costly than getting a full replacement initially, but in the long run, it could cost your windshield its structural strength, making it weaker and more prone to damage. You might need to go for replacing it in the near future anyway. So, getting a replacement would certainly be a more practical choice for the long run.

Access to Mobile Auto Glass Replacement

If you feel like you don’t have the time for getting your windshield fixed as soon as there is damage, you can always go for mobile services. That way, you don’t have to keep stalling to find the right opportunity to make time for getting your windshield replaced; you can get it done then and there without much hassle.

Legal Issues

Driving with a damaged windshield is now illegal due to the increasing number of accidents owing to poor driver visibility. You could get a ticket for driving a car with a windshield strewn with cracks and chips. So, it is better to have your windshield replaced before you face legal charges.

Replacing your damaged windshield is a wise choice. At AIS Windshield Experts, we make that choice easier with our efficient and timely services. We have OEM-recommended windshield glass and well-trained specialists with world-class standards and top-of-the-line equipment. We repair minor chips which are not more than 40 mm in diameter, and only two such chips are repairable. Anything beyond that warrants a replacement. We provide our services in over 50+ cities in India and have more than 80 centres throughout the country. So, get in touch with the AIS Windshield Experts today!

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