This Is Why Windshields Don’t Shatter


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You might have noticed that whenever a car windshield experiences impact, it seldom shatters. It will crack, often in the shape of a spider’s web, and you can get windscreen crack repair done in no time. But it never disintegrates. Have you ever wondered why? What is the science and logic behind windshield construction that makes it resistant to shattering? Let’s find out.


Windshields are made from a type of safety glass called laminated glass

In fact, all the glass which you would expect to find in your car is made from specialized versions of the material. After all, safety and structural integrity are huge factors in the design of vehicles and automobiles.

Therefore, when it comes to windshields, a special type of glass called laminated glass is utilized in manufacturing. Laminated glass is highly durable and impact resistant, and can withstand a huge amount of accidental force without shattering into pieces. But how?

The answer lies in the construction of laminated glass

Laminated glass is made out of two sheets of glass, often heat tempered, with a plastic interlayer sandwiched between the two. One of the most common types of this plastic interlayer is PVB, or polyvinyl butyrl, which is tough, pliable and acts like a strong adhesive and buffer zone. The three layers are bonded together under immense heat and pressure.

The most impressive and undoubtedly critical property of laminated glass is that when it experiences heavy duty impact, the plastic interlayer absorbs most of the force, leading to the development of cracks on the glass surface. Since the interlayer acts as a glue, the glass pieces remain stuck to it, thus preventing complete shattering. This protects the passengers from getting injured by shattered glass pieces flying out in various directions.

Other benefits of laminated glass for windshields

Breakage gets localized at the point of contact, thereby preventing the visibility of other parts of the windshield from getting hampered. Laminated glass is also excellent for noise reduction and blocking UV rays. It is quite easy to clean and maintain, and retains excellent visibility even after years of usage.

What to do in the event of windshield breakage?

When the impact on the windshield is alarmingly high, then chances are that it will develop an opening at the point of contact, or might get displaced from its setting. In such an event, the windshield still won’t shatter but might need to be replaced. It is suggested that immediate inspection, and if required, windshield replacement be carried out from a quality auto glass repair service provider.

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