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5 Windshield Washing Myths Debunked

November 30, 2017
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An unclean windshield is as good as no windshield at all. It is essential to clean it regularly with the right washer fluid. A spic and span windshield is important for a smooth drive, irrespective of the weather conditions. If your windshield gets chipped or cracked, it should be immediately taken for glass repair to avoid accidents due to decreased visibility.

There are some myths when it comes to the cleaning of windshields and the washer fluids. In most cases, the importance of the windshield washer fluid is rather underestimated. The following pointers address the myths and expose the truths behind them:


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Myth 1: Water is enough to clean the windshield

Using water to clean the windshield eliminates the need to buy washer fluid and avoids the expense. That is counterproductive as water is not nearly as effective as the right windshield washer fluid. Washer fluid doesn’t freeze during colder months unlike water. The freezing and expansion of water can adversely affect the jets and damage the mechanism thus leading to added expenses. Moreover, the washer fluid is more effective when it comes to removing tough dirt or residue from the windshield.

Myth 2: Washer fluid is expensive and not worth the investment

Like car windshield crack repair is better left to professionals, similarly, windshield washer fluids should be bought from experts as well. A ready-to-use mixture is not only convenient but is a perfect solution to all the windshield cleaning problems. Experts prepare the right mixture with the right chemicals to make sure that it is super effective and lasts for a long time as well.

Myth 3: Windscreen washing isn’t required in every season  

The windscreen is in direct contact with dust, pollution, sap, insects, and much more and washing it regularly cannot be avoided. While it may sound logical to let it be during the monsoons, the falling leaves and dust must be cleaned regularly. During summers, grime and dirt obstruct the line of sight of the driver. Further, the harsh sunlight on a dirty windshield makes it hard to drive and might be a cause for road accidents as well. Therefore, it is advisable to wash the windscreen with a good washer fluid before leaving the house.

Myth 4: Household cleaners are as good as washer fluids

It might seem a good idea to use household cleaners to remove the dust and grime from the windshield, but it really is not. These cleaners create a lot of foam which may not clear out properly. Moreover, they might contain chemicals that can lead to corrosion on the metal and might not be effective to avoid defrosting.

Myth 5: Washer fluid properties resemble coolant properties

Let us address the big difference between the two – both have different freezing temperatures and are used for varied purposes. Adding washer fluid to the engine can affect its functionality, whereas using a coolant to clean the windshield might reduce the visibility of the windshield and adversely affect the paint of the car.

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