Caring for the Windshield post Replacement


By  AIS Windshield Experts

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The exhaustive manufacturing technologies have rendered car windshields considerably tough. As a result, the passengers can bank on it for added security. They even support the frame of the car during rollover accidents.

Even though the windshields an amalgamation of two layers of glass and a plastic interlayer, it is essentially fragile as compared to the frame of the vehicle. Rock, superlative temperatures and accidents among other reasons can irreparably damage the windshield. Consider yourself lucky if you are left with an opportunity to repair crack in windshield. Needless to mention, a damaged windshield must be tended to at the earliest. The following points help in taking precautionary measures to ensure longevity:

repair crack in windshield

Keep a lookout for improper installation signs

Windshield installation is intricate work and the slightest of mistakes can cause problems. Contact the our nearest car glass shop if you witness leakage, added noise or other unexpected disturbance inside the cabin. A crack or an improperly fitted windshield can cause various problems.

A five-star servicing company will always follow up without fail to inquire whether the job was successful and satisfactory. You will definitely get a replacement in case it was not.

Take precautionary measures

It takes a few hours for the sealant (urethane) to attach the windscreen to the frame of the car. Therefore, you are advised not to venture out for a drive before the sealant has dried off. Doing so will potentially harm the joint and eventually, you may experience problems on the road. Additionally, ensure that the windscreen is not subject to any kind of pressure as that might cause fresh damage.

How to avoid damage next time

There are a few steps you can follow to protect the windshields from harm. Where you park the car plays an important role in determining the life of the windscreen. Always park under the shade to avoid cracks caused by falling objects. Auto glass manufacturers suggest that parking the car directly under the sunlight is not only detrimental to the glass, but to other parts of the car like the upholstery and paint as well.

Moreover, avoid unkempt roads as the impact caused by ditches and holes in the road can possibly initiate cracks. Finally, drive at a considerable distance from other vehicles on the road, as small pebbles and rocks stuck in their tires might hit and chip the windshield.

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