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A car is precious to every car owner, and no car owner wants to see their windshield glass chipped or broken. Seeing your car's windshield broken or with a chip is enough to spoil your day, as it means that you will have to devote time to fix it. No matter how busy your schedule is, it would be best if you did not treat your broken car glass as a light affair. Whether it was caused due to weather conditions or pebbles on the road or an accident, you must take necessary steps to mend the broken car glass and that too quickly to ensure your safety and the safety of those travelling with you.  

Importance of Windshields

To take the needed measures to fix broken car glass, you must first understand why the windshield is essential.  A windshield is the most critical part of your car, which contributes to your safety more than you can imagine. The laminated auto glass used in windshields lends 40% structural strength to the roof of your car. A broken car glass or even a chip in it can put you and your fellow passengers in danger. The most crucial feature of windshields is that they allow you to have a clear view of the roads and traffic in front of you. If you are driving, then it’s imperative for you to be aware of your surroundings. A driver who is aware of his surroundings can prevent potentially dangerous situations by operating the car safely. But once your windshield glass is chipped or broken or destroyed, your line of vision is affected as you are unable to get an unobstructed view. This not only puts you and your fellow passengers at harm’s way but also puts the oncoming drivers under grave risk.

Accidents are a common occurrence on the streets. In such a situation, your windshield becomes essential as it absorbs the most impact in case of an accident. In the event of broken car glass, you will not receive enough security as a broken car glass will not be able to absorb the impact of an accident effectively. During a road pile-up accident or a rollover incident, a proper and securely-fitted windshield can prevent you or your fellow passengers from being thrown off the vehicle.

Assess the Severity of the Damage

Always be sure to check the extent of the damage incurred. A windshield is made of laminated glass on the outer layer and a tempered glass forming the inside layer of glass, which is then bonded by a layer of PVB. A windshield with minor chips (at most two) can usually be repaired. If the windshield glass has more chips than that or a crack, then you need to get a total windshield replacement. Moreover, if the damage has seeped to the inner layer of the glass, get your windshield replaced at the earliest.

Make the Right Choice

After assessing the damage, you are often faced with the question- ‘Should I repair or replace the broken car glass? The answer to the question might appear to be simple, but it is, in fact, not as simple as it deems to be, even if you are a car-owner who is equipped with knowledge about cars. Chips, minor scratches, etc. are the most common problems that can be fixed with a quick repair job by technicians. They look insignificant to our naked eye, but if left unrepaired for an extended period can quickly transform into a bigger problem and can ultimately cost you more. Yet, an important thing to remember here is that minor chips (at the most two) can be repaired without adversely affecting the structural integrity of the car. Anything beyond it (this includes a crack in the windshield) ought to be replaced and cannot be repaired.

The critical thing to understand is that any damage to your windshield (no matter how minor) should not be neglected so that your automobile can function correctly.

Seek Professional Assistance 

Rather than making a misinformed decision, always approach a professional to know whether a minor repair job can fix your problem, or a replacement of the windshield glass is needed. A skilled professional who is proficient at his job would be better at assessing the situation and also would be capable of recommending the right course of action. You can also take assistance from car glass businesses that are well trained in replacing broken car glass safely and adequately.

This is where AIS Windshield Experts comes in. As India's most extensive auto glass repair and replacement network, we ensure that you receive fast, world-class services using top-quality materials that take care of all your needs. Ours is the only windshield repair and replacement company in India to extend a one-year warranty on our services. Moreover, our presence in over 50+ cities nationwide and 90+ conveniently-located service centres and several mobile vans allow us to provide services that are quick, hassle-free and can reach you wherever you are. So, what are you waiting for? Get your broken car glass replaced by AIS Windshield Experts today!

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