What to do when your Bus Windshield has been Damaged


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A damaged windshield can turn out be quite dangerous when it comes to the safety of the passengers and the driver. Immediate windshield replacement or repair are the only solutions to the problem, as the inside of the bus is exposed intermediately. You might be leaving your passengers, including children, teachers, office workers and others to the mercy of the comprised integrity of the windshield even if you don’t get it repaired or replaced for a day.

Windshield Damaged

Assess the damage

Assessing the damage is the first step to making the solution applicable much faster. You can gauge the level of damage that the bus has taken along with the damage to your Ashok Leyland, Tata or Bharat Benz auto glass. Whether the bus has been through a major accident or not, there may be other structural damages that might need to be fixed before installing the windshield.

If the glass has incurred more than 3 chips and cracks longer than 6 inches, the only possible solution is windshield replacement. If, however, the damage is not that substantial, technicians might be able to repair the glass. If the auto glass wasn’t manufactured by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), it might incur damage with the slightest of impacts, unlike original windshields.

Bus brand and getting a replacement

You might want to contact the bus manufacturer and ask for a replacement windshield. They may quote you a certain sum, but you can get better deals and services from nation-wide service brands like Windshield Experts. Make sure that you don’t buy an aftermarket glass as it cannot match the industry standards and is bound to manifest problems like an improper fit, increased noise inside the cabin, unusual damage etc.

Aftercare and smarter decisions

When you allow your driver to operate a bus with a shattered windshield, you’re putting many lives at risks.  Not only is it not allowed in many parts of the city, it can make interstate travel that much more dangerous.

Driving with a damaged windshield not only puts the lives of the passengers at risk but is forbidden according to the law as well. It goes without saying, that the bus driver must follow the traffic rules to avoid further mishaps. The owner of the bus must ensure that the windshield is cleaned daily and a replacement must be an original one. Go for a replacement of the Tata or Bharat Benz car glass to ensure the safety of the passengers. And remember that opting for a cheaper replacement is a ticket to all types of troubles.

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