Windshield Repair & Replacement: 3 Reasons Why DIY Is a Bad Idea


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In the realm of modern-day innovative glass, not much is said in praise of windshields. In fact, most people are oblivious to the advantages windshields bring to their vehicles. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours which makes them a highly versatile component for your car. A simple vehicle frame can be elevated in an instant with a sleek yet stylish windshield glass. However, there’s more to windshields than mere aesthetic appeal.

Importance of Windshields

The name is self-explanatory: a shield against the wind. Windshields protect you against rain, wind, hailstorms, and even flying debris from the road. They offer great aerodynamics and ornamental appeal to your vehicles. Apart from this, windshields also protect against harmful UV rays and external noise. However, windshields offer much more than just protection.

Did you know that windshields provide 40% structural strength to the roof of your car? Windshields help maintain a vehicle’s structural integrity and stability as well. The presence of windshield keeps the frame of the car intact while preventing the car’s cabin and roof from caving in on the occupants.

Today, windshields act just like other safety devices such as seatbelts or airbags. So, in case of a rollover accident, occupants won’t be ejected out of the car as the windshield will protect them, making no compromises on safety.

Additionally, most windshields are made of either laminated or tempered glass that is adept with impact-resistance abilities. However, if a windshield does break, it does not break into injurious shards. In case of an impact, the windshield glass will simply shatter away into tiny pieces causing no injuries to the occupants.

A DIY Repair?

Now, the one thing that a car owner detests the most is a damaged windshield. A damaged windshield is in stark contrast to the sleek elegance of the car. Not only is it a sore to the naked eye, but a windshield repair or replacement is also a heavy load on the pockets; a price that most car owners try to evade unwittingly. As a result, many people opt for DIY windshield repairs.

But, the truth is it would be unwise to opt for a DIY windshield repair, let alone replacement, given its many risks and dangers. Even if you feel confident enough to carry out the process yourself, chances of its success are, to put it simply, negligible. No amount of online video sources and guides can provide you with the expertise that professionals have. If you still choose to commence with a DIY repair or replacement, you are only aggravating the situation to take a turn for the worse.

Here’s why a DIY windshield repair or replacement is a bad idea.

You May Lack the Expertise to Carry out a Repair/Replacement Successfully

Windshield experts are trained to operate on damaged windshields. They can finish a windshield repair or replacement within minutes while a DIY repair/replacement will snatch several hours from you. More importantly, experts are trained to carry out the process with a minimal risk factor by observing international safety standards.

While repairing a car windshield, there is a specific amount of pressure that must be applied on the automotive glass to prevent it from cracking further; a knowledge that you may not possess to successfully finish a repair job. Furthermore, you may not be aware that different types of windshield damages require different types of fixing procedures.

An expert can handle a damaged windshield better than you can. They can easily identify if the damage is a bull’s eye, a star break, a chip, or a crack, and move forward with a compatible plan to fix it. Equipped with professional tools and windshield expertise, they know when to fill the damaged screen and when to replace it.

A Professional uses a high-quality resin to fix the damage. They have the correct knowledge about the viscosity of resin to be used for the type of damage at hand and are also aware of the correct windshield temperature necessary to finish the procedure successfully. Meanwhile, your DIY repair might end up costing you time and money because you lack the required expertise.

DIY Windshield Installations Tend to Be Faulty

As established above, the chances of a successful DIY windshield repair are slim to none. A faulty DIY windshield repair, on the other hand, is only an impending disaster as it compromises the structural integrity of your car. If the chips or cracks are not filled up properly, the repair cannot be done again. The last resort will be to call for a professional’s help and get the windshield replaced. This will increase the repair cost further.

And if the crack appears near the wiper area, a DIY repair won’t do the job. It is ideal to call a professional and get the windshield replaced. Any repair job on such an area will fail as it is under constant pressure from windshield wipers. This pressure will open up the crack again and ruin the repair job.

Some DIY windshield fixes also leave opaque spots and blemishes on the glass surface. Now, if a damaged glass was an eyesore, a blemished windshield is even worse. The repair process demands certain steps to be followed if you want to perform a flawless repair. But with the lack of professional expertise, your DIY windshield repair will only come out faulty.

You May Not Have the Right Professional Tools

Trained windshield professionals have the specialised tools and expertise needed to carry out successful windshield repair and replacement, something which you may not possess. Different chips warrant different repair procedures and for most cracks, the only viable option is replacement. Only minor chips that have a diameter of 40 mm or less can be repaired. Impairments such as spider web cracks, starburst chips, or long windshield cracks are rather significant and may warrant a complete replacement. These damages can only be secured by professionals who have the right tools to operate on them.

Even if a DIY repair kit may seem like a convenient and cost-effective option, it does not always work like it is advertised to. An application of wrong pressure during the repair process and you can end up with a shattered windshield glass. Windshield replacement can be an expensive pursuit. If you end up aggravating the damage via DIY methods, you may have to shelve out way more than what you had planned on saving via DIY in the first place.

Therefore, the correct way to deal with chips and cracks is by seeking a professional’s help.

The Right Approach                                      

Badly done repairs on windshields are a huge safety compromise. If your windshield experiences a chip or crack, you must call for a professional’s help since they are better equipped to inform you about the type of damage incurred and the steps that must be taken to fix it. If a windshield crack is not tended to quickly, it can expand and cause breakage. Thus, the right approach to deal with windshield damages is to immediately call for a professional.

You may have been convinced of the DIY repair kit’s ability to work just as well as a professional repair. Nonetheless, getting the windshield damage inspected by a professional and a subsequent repair or replacement is recommended. After all, the stability and sturdiness of windshield glass is essential for your car’s structural integrity.

In Summation

DIY solutions have been on the rise recently and glass repairs are no exception. However, a windshield glass isn’t a standard glass that you may repair using a DIY solution. This automotive glass is processed and manufactured with special processes to enhance its strength and durability. Hence, windshields must always receive professional treatments in case of unexpected damages.

With a DIY windshield repair, the chances of failure increase. If proper precautions are not taken, a DIY repair may end up hijacking the safety of people sitting inside the moving vehicle. Meanwhile, trained technicians have the professional knowledge to handle and repair a crack efficiently. They are better equipped to stop the crack from spreading further and ensure that safety is not compromised. This is why you should always seek professional help.

Is your car’s windshield chipped or cracked? Ditch the DIY method and contact experts such as AIS Windshield Experts – India’s leading automotive glass repair and replacement network. For a fast and seamless servicing, you can drive into any of the 90+ service centres in over 50+ cities across India or contact us on our centralised toll-free number i.e. 1800-102-6364 to avail our doorstep services. All our services follow international norms of safety while our team of experts are well-trained to perform a repair or replacement job perfectly. To know more about our offerings, read our windshield repair and replacement pages.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today!

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