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As temperatures begin to drop, it becomes more important than ever to invest in car care. Normal maintenance of the transmission, heater, tires, transmission, radiator, etc. is a vital to keep your vehicle in good shape. However, you may tend to overlook your car window glass, which also needs extra care during the winters. Want to know how to prepare the car window glass to brave the harsh winters? Keep reading to find out. Get your Car Inspected Taking your car to a certified expert can help you avoid issues way in advance. A thorough inspection can lengthen the lifespan of your car window glass and help it survive the winter without any damage. Get things such as cracks, chips, incorrect windshield installation, etc. checked. If unnoticed, these issues have the potential to cause serious damage. Temperature Control Glass is known for properties of expansion and contraction with temperature fluctuations. With sudden changes in the weather, your car window glass may suffer serious damage. Many vehicle owners experiment by pouring hot water on the glass to defrost the windshield but that is most certainly not the way to do it. Always keep in mind that gradually heating the car is the safest way to go about it. To do so, turn on your car and let the engine heat up for a few minutes, bringing the temperature of the air duct to rise. Let the glass warm up steadily instead of blasting the insides with heat. Replace the Wiper Blades Wiper blades need to be replaced more often than you think. Sometimes, rusty ones may fall apart during the winters, leaving your windshield glass exposed to the plastic or metal of the wipers. Running the wipers in this condition can scratch and damage the glass. Even the highest quality wiper blades can experience diminishing efficiency with time, making it essential to replace them periodically. Clean Car window Glass Regularly Unclean glass can hinder your visibility and pose a life-threatening risk. Driving around is bound to get salts, dust, mud, or any rough particles stuck on your car window glass, and keeping it clean would make these particles or small rocks visible and avoid you from using the wipers and scratching it. Check the Water Fluid Reservoir During the winters, it is common for dust particles and debris to splatter all over the car windshield glass. This will call for the use of windshield washers a lot more than usual. If ignored, this can cause safety issues too. Additionally, the reservoir is not filled with plain water. It contains a type of washer fluid that acts as a lubricant for the glass as well as certain parts of it such as the fluid pump and the hoses. If the fluid reservoir is empty, it can affect the internal parts, leading to corrosion and degradation over the winter. Get Chips Repaired Having cracks and chips on your car window glass during the winter is highly unadvisable. Unavoidable temperature changes have been proven to cause adverse effects. Studies have shown that, when compared to warmer temperatures, a chip has about a 60% chance of cracking at 35 degrees Fahrenheit and an added 8% chance of spreading at 14 degrees Fahrenheit. It is better to be safe than sorry to avoid having to deal with a worsened problem. Weather-Proof the Windshield Weather-proofing your windshield can help you avoid the entire problem of worrying about your car glass. It improves the driver’s road visibility, builds resistance to chips, cracks, or scratches, and also retains warmth inside the car so you can avoid using the heater and be energy-efficient. The protection of your windshield is another added benefit of weather-proofing your glass. Since it is designed to avoid the dust and debris damaging the car window glass, it simultaneously ensures that your wiper blades get maximum upkeep too. Those living in snowy conditions understand the reason why maintaining the car window glass is a crucial step when going into the fall season. Flushing the radiator, buying the snow-resistance tires, or maintaining the battery life is not enough. You need to take care of your car through an all-inclusive method, which ensures thorough protection and durability which will not only keep your car window glass as good as new but also prevent any fatal accidents due to a faulty windshield. Car window glass maintenance can be a challenging task and requires experienced professionals to deal with it. If you are considering to get the weather-proofing of your car done or have any car window glass repairs, AIS Windshield Experts provides all-round windshield solutions with over 90+ service centres across more than 50+ cities all over India. Give us a call and give your windshield the best care it deserves!

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