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5 Long-Lasting Car Windshield Maintenance Tips

November 3, 2019
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Imagine a car with cracked windshield. An uncomfortable image, right? But the poor aesthetics is no match to the safety hazards that this poses. Windshield in car serves numerous functions but is specifically designed to:

  • Prevent foreign objects like dust, dirt, and grime from entering the car
  • Prevent the roof from caving in and crashing in case of an accident
  • Save the driver from the initial impact of an accident
  • Prevent glare from the sun and ensure clear vision for the driver

Routine maintenance of the windshield in car is one of the most neglected aspects of car care. It’s not just about cleaning the glass every day, though that is important. Regular cleaning and proper service and maintenance would not only extend the life of your windshield but also keep you safe.

Just a little maintenance now and then could help prevent major mishaps with your windshield and save you from spending lots of money. Here we discuss 5 easy and effective tips to keep your windshield in good health for the long haul:

Avoid Parking under Direct Sunlight

Parking your vehicle without care could put your entire car at risk, including the windshield. Extreme temperatures could result in stress cracks in the windshield, which could eventually put the entire glass at risk of breakage. Also, an existing crack could further spread due to extremes of temperature, especially under direct sunlight. Glass tints are also sensitive to UV rays, and could get damaged. Parking in a garage, basement or any other shaded spot as much as possible will prevent breakage and strengthen the durability of your windshield in car.

Don’t Leave Chips or Cracks Unrepaired

When a foreign object hits your windshield in car with an impact, it could leave chips or cracks in the windshield or even lead to formation of bubbles between the glass layers. These formations in the windshield, regardless of their size, can cause significant damage if left untreated. With time, they could spread in size thus compromising the visibility of the driver. Also, it could damage to an extent where the safety of the glass is compromised and you are left with no other alternative but to replace the glass. It is crucial to take such nicks seriously, as a windscreen replacement is a bigger loss to you than a glass repair.

Replace Windshield Wipers Regularly

The condition of the windshield wiper affects the windshield in car in more ways than one. The windshield wiper is made of two components broadly – a metal structure on the inside and a rubber coating on the outside. When the rubber coating wears out, your windshield is exposed to the metal structure. This means, each time you run the wipers, the metal body scrapes against the windshield, which could leave serious scratches on the glass. Wiper blades degrade over time due to wear and tear, debris, moisture, and sunlight and it is advised that you replace them at least once a year to protect your windshield.

Use Good-Quality Cleaning Products

Using the wrong chemicals to clean your auto glass like ammonia-based glass cleaners, DIY cleaners, abrasive household sponges, paper towels, etc. could leave scratches on the screen, damage the glass tint or leave streaks on the window. It is advised that you use cleaners designed specifically for windshield in car with a soft microfiber towel/cloth to protect it from any avoidable damage.

Avoid Slamming the Doors

It is no rocket science that slamming of car doors can have serious implications. When you close the car door too hard, it can cause serious vibrations inside the car and the side windows to become loose and come off their tracks. If your glass already has small nicks, chips or cracks on its surface; they could grow, little by little, each time you close the door too hard. Hence, it is wise to make it a habit to close the door gently.

Choose Professional Replacement Services

Other precautions to be taken include: keeping a safe distance between your car and the traffic ahead, keeping your car covered under extreme temperatures, getting the windshield checked at regular intervals, etc. Windshields in cars are susceptible to damage and degradation, and a few essential practices by the car owner can do wonders in keeping the windshield in good shape.

Following the above-mentioned tips religiously would grant a long life to your windshield. For more serious damages, sometimes auto glass crack repair becomes an inevitable solution to protect your safety. Ensure that all windshield repair work is handled by qualified professionals. Always choose a specialized windshield expert to fix any issues you face regarding your windshield in car.

AIS Windshield Experts takes the window glass repair of your automotive glass very seriously. We follow a ‘Repair First’ policy where repairing your windshield becomes our prime focus. But, if the situation calls for a replacement, we ensure proper and safe installation of your windshield with a one-year written warranty on our workmanship and materials used. So, without further ado, get in touch today!

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